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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 15, 2016

Don't look now but it is game day again tomorrow.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is back home and is preparing for Chicago tomorrow night in the annual Brimstone Cup match.

// FC Dallas //

Breaking down the final third of the season | Big D Soccer

While some clubs in MLS are just getting over the half way mark, FCD is approaching the final third of their season in terms of the calendar. Here is a look at the points needed in the final set of games.

Note: There isn't any articles discussing it but it should be noted that both the FCD U-18 and U-16 teams advanced to the national title games yesterday evening. Both of those games will be played on Saturday out in California.

// MLS //

Plenty on the line as Seattle and Portland meet |

The Cascadia Cup is this weekend, which means we're going to probably hear nothing but that game between now and Sunday. But hey, Fox is also broadcasting it, so that is pretty cool.

How Orlando can make a difference with their coaching fire | FourFourTwo

This is a big moment for Orlando. They can either try to lure in another foreign coach or play it smart and find someone within MLS that can navigate how tricky this league is.

Portland sign left back Vytautas Andriuškevičius | Stumptown Footy

Don't even ask how to pronounce that name because I'm lucky enough to just be able to copy it from the press release. But he's a left back that is coming from the Dutch league so there ya go.

Where is the best fit for Diskerud? |

NYCFC really wants/needs to shop Mix here but that salary cap number makes it almost impossible to do so. You won't see FCD in the race for him, I can tell you that much.

Lloyd Sam plays double agent in DC-NY series |

I still don't get why DC and NY trade players with one another as much as they do. But Lloyd Sam is going to be a key figure in this week's match now that he is with United.

Which players are playing like MVPs right now? |

Some nice love for Mauro Diaz on this list. I also like that this isn't a list of those at the top of the Golden Boot race either.