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Goal breakdown: How Maxi Urruti got his groove back

The goal wasn’t just a game winner, it could hopefully spark more to come from Maxi Urruti.

Last week we were cut short in breaking down a FC Dallas goal against Orlando due to time but thankfully the club kept up the momentum in a 1-0 win over San Jose Friday night.

If for some reason you have been living under a rock these last couple days, the lone goal was a beauty too from Maximilinio Urruti shortly after halftime. Here is the full play starting with FC Dallas push the ball forward into the San Jose defensive half.

Mauro Diaz gets the ball and passes it into the middle to Carlos Gruezo. This pulls the San Jose defense into the middle towards Gruezo. The Ecuadorian midfielder then passes the ball back to Diaz. The pass almost didn’t get back to Diaz but thankfully Diaz was able to scoop it up and quickly play a long ball across the field to Michael Barrios on the far post.

Barrios wisely decides to play it back across goal where San Jose defender Marvell Wynne tries to clear it but the ball goes up right to where Urruti was at to finish home the goal.

This view shows David Bingham had no chance to make a save on this kick from Urruti.

The best part of the goal has to be the celebration with Oscar Pareja. This is definitely a moment of relief for both player and coach as Urruti ends his long scoreless streak in league play with this ridiculous goal.

In the end, this kind of play shows exactly how dangerous this entire team can be in the attacking third of the field. The long balls can be tricky but when done right in this situation, they paid off as it pulled the San Jose defense in one direction and then back the other way thanks to some quick responses from guys like Barrios.