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Workhorse of the Week vs. Orlando City and San Jose

We catch up again after a few weeks of non-stop action as FC Dallas welcomed Orlando City and journeyed to San Jose to earn a huge 6 points. Don't forget a nice US Open Cup win over Colorado too. Come inside and cast your vote for the Workhorse of the Week for FC Dallas.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Mauro Diaz, earning our last Workhorse nod with a stellar overall performance. The kid is good, and he continues to make this team his.

Certainly, Mauro was on display again in a route at home against Orlando City on July 4th which saw Kaka and his hapless squad fail to generate much of anything. I was impressed with the defending of Matt Hedges and Walker Zimmerman in this one, and it was tremendous to see Fabian Castillo get another goal. Overall, this is the kind of performance you want to see from a potential Supporter's Shield team.

Less than a week later, FC Dallas took its show to San Jose which a delightedly more tense affair. FC Dallas had the chance to turn this into a route, except that pesky post kept getting in the way. San Jose had their chances as well but failed to capitalize. Of all the goals Urruti couldn't put away, he managed the most acrobatic and difficult to get slot one home. Beautiful stuff.

FC Dallas stay on the road to visit Seattle which will be another tough match against a hungry team that has nowhere to go but up.

Here's a few other thoughts:

- Relax, FCD faithful. Getterson is not the big signing you have been waiting for. He's a loanee until the end of the season, which means he is purely there for depth. Maybe there is a chance something more permanent gets worked in December if the loan goes well, but we'll likely see him in CCL and Open Cup matches when Urruti and Tesho need a rest.

- Our defense is beginning to peak at the right time, even without Zach Loyd. This is the same question I have asked before - what do we do with Zach once he gets back in? Back at RB? Rotation starts with Walker? No doubt, he'll get his minutes, but it is a heck of a good problem to have. Let's hope Zach gets back on the field soon though.

- If Getterson is just depth, who is FC Dallas going to go for at striker? Here's a crazy thought - if Seattle takes a loss on Wednesday and continues to struggle, maybe give them a call about the availability of Clint Dempsey. Bringing the Texan forward home could be huge for attendance. Would Seattle take some draft picks, allocation money, and maybe Tesho for the proven veteran? I could see Clint and Mauro playing very well together. I'm just intrigued.

Cast your vote for the Workhorse of the Week below. And share your responses to my questions in the comment section below.