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View From the East: Late Night Bicycling

Late game, but an early second half goal made this game definitely worth watching.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night means we have to change the channel to UniMas and listen to the polarizing commentators they have on offer. The drinks this night were Jameson & ginger ale, which is on my recommendation list for anyone who hasn't tried its' magic. It's probably even more enjoyable at the largest outdoor bar in North America though! Avaya stadium, the relatively new stadium for the San Jose Earthquakes had a fairly large crowd for a Friday. A crowd that was disappointed after a magical goal.

Maxi Urruti!!

This guy has everything, the work rate, the speed, and the frame of the goal in his sights. This guy might have hit the post the most out of any FC Dallas forward I've seen. Maxi seemed motivated by the fact FC Dallas has been shopping around for a new forward, and it worked as he bicycled an awesome goal that should be GOTW.

If there's one thing that FC Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys have in common other than having 'Dallas' in their name and not residing in Dallas, it's that their games are rarely comfortable victories. It tends to boil down to pacing in front of one's TV and going crazy every time anything happens on the screen. This had some nail biting moments there at he end, a possible penalty, a couple of woodworks and an awesome Seitz save.


Whether you like the commentators or not, they seem to be getting better the more they do it. They still insist on the 4 minute "gol" shout, although this fantastic strike certainly warranted it. I went without the usual 100.7FM commentary to see how the guys on UniMas have gotten along, and wasn't too disappointed in what I heard on this occasion.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "And the post strikes again." - Urruti really made the post work for it.

Who else didn't really mind the UniMas commentary this last game? Is Urruti the greatest FCD crossbar challenge player? Anyone else pacing around their living room like a mad man in the final moments of the game? Let me know in the comments below!!