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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 1, 2016

June is over as we move into the busy summer months.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

July is finally here as we're gearing up for a big match on Monday against Orlando.

// FC Dallas //

Quickness and depth help push FCD |

This month is going to be a big one for the club's depth and so far it has been showing off well in these non-league matches in the USOC.

FC Dallas to be one of 25 clubs to start USSDA girls league |

This is huge news for girls soccer in the country as the academy setup gets going here. It is really great to see FCD be part of this initial push of teams. So is Solar here in town. But FCD is one of two MLS sides involved here with this start up, which is impressive considering how they don't have a NWSL team...yet.

// MLS //

Poku sale based on football according to club |

Yeah I would imagine it was also based mostly on Miami offering a lot more money than any other MLS club.

Interview with Colorado's director of soccer development | Burgundy Wave

It is always really cool to get a behind the scenes look at what goes on at different clubs around the league. There is also some good praise in there about the FCD academy too.

Orlando learns that no broadcast doesn't equal more fans | The Mane Land

I think a lot of teams in MLS come across this when it comes to the USOC but in all reality that tournament is just a tough sell from the top to the bottom.

Winning with the defenders we've got | The Mane Land

And a little more on Orlando since we'll be seeing them on Monday night. Right now they are wondering how they can improve their defense with the players that they have. I don't know about you but I am ready to see Fabian Castillo run all over them.

How three clubs in the East fell from grace |

It is the Eastern Conference folks, the weaker side of the league. Naturally the clubs are going to go up and down the red line this season. Except for Chicago, they're rubbish.

MLS slides back into the spotlight |

With Copa over and the Euro tournament nearly done, MLS is back in the spotlight in the soccer world.

Seven players MLS should target from Copa America | Four Four Two

A decent list to go along with the two we had for FCD earlier this summer.