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Quick Burns: Which FC Dallas player needs more playing time?

As the second half of the season nears, which players need to see more of the field?

MLS: FC Dallas at New England Revolution Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

We are back for another Quick Burns segment this week as we take a break from league play for the next few days. FC Dallas is training this week but more so for their US Open Cup date with USL affiliate Oklahoma City Energy FC next Wednesday. Since the season is almost (one game away in fact) at the midway point, it is a good time to look at who we think needs a little more time on the field.

Here is who our panel believes should get more playing time in the second half of the season.

Jason Poon - Tesho Akindele, Aaron Guillen and Timo Pitter

Tesho has done well filling in for Maxi Urruti. His hold up play is getting stronger, his finishing is still one of the best on the team. I'd be fine if Tesho got a few more starts.

Guillen and Pitter are more for "we need a better look at them" than anything else. Their extremely limited minutes gave us a good glimpse that there's good potential there. As this team moves towards the Open Cup and the CCL, I hope those kids get significant minutes to showcase what they can do.

Cody Gamond - Timo Pitter and Juan Esteban Ortiz

Timo is a good prospect at winger, somewhere we both lack depth, and need to prepare for Castillo leaving in the near future. He may be the answer to replacing Fabian and should at least see match time in the Open Cup. Juan Esteban Ortiz is a veteran midfielder on a team full of youth, and often lacking the experience to win games. He has the potential to be a strong leader for this team, especially with CCL and Open Cup coming up.

Nathan Hill - Timo Pitter, Tesho Akindele, and Augustin Jara

With Fabian Castillo drawing interest from La Liga teams and Walker Zimmerman getting interest from Atlas, this could be a summer of change for FC Dallas. Maybe the Hunts will want to lessen their monthly expenditures and encourage Pareja to play the kids more. Tesho Akindele is still proving himself in this league and needs more time. Timo Pitter looks exciting to us fans, but can he contribute something on the field? Will Augustin Jara turn out to be another hidden gem from South America? If we lose Zimmy and Fabian, the stage is set for their emergence.

Ryan Scanlon - Colin Bonner and Zach Loyd

It shouldn't be a surprise that we saw Zach Loyd inserted back into the starting line up. The guy is one of the most consistent and hard working players we've had since we drafted him. I fully expect him to settle back into his RB position as ZimZam and Hedges lock down the CB positions. Hollingshead has done very well, but I'd prefer to see him play more of a right wing and compete with Barrios.

Colin Bonner would provide us with that guy up top that we're looking for. Tesho has been in form and Urruti is the poacher type, but who can we boot the ball to in those desperate 85th minute situations? Expect to see big 6'4" boy more often the rest of this season.

Drew Epperley - Coy Craft and Timo Pitter

For me, it may not come down strictly to time on the field with FC Dallas as it is just on the field in general. I would love nothing more than to see Craft continue to build minutes in the USL only to get recalled later this summer and earn some minutes when the schedule gets complicated.

Pitter on the other hand needs minutes. It is high time that he gets a loan to OKC, or even somewhere else if that doesn't fit him. Given the fact that he hasn't made the bench in several weeks with FCD, the amount of playing time he is missing out on is starting to be an issue for his development.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Timo Pitter and Carlos Lizarazo

Timo is one who really seemed to thrive in the preseason (yes, yes I know it was preseason), When you have someone rolling the way he was, the best way to continue that development is to play the man. He has only made one appearance and it was not a very meaningful one (late game sub in the blowout at DC United). At the very most, if the playing time is not here, then it has to be at the affiliate for loan minutes.

It really is time to see what Carlos Lizarazo is made of. He was kind of a wild-card signing in the pre-season and needed some time to get fit, but had high potential. His appearances this season have been, to put it nicely, awful as he has looked lost. For nothing more than knowing if he is a player that is cut out to play in this league, I want to see Liz get some more minutes and reveal his final form. Will that be enough to survive the MLS roster turnover or not? Find out on the next exciting episode of Quick Burns!

Who do you think needs more playing time in the second half of the year?