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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It looks like Blas Perez still has it.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We're through one game for each country in Copa America, now the real fun should begin to pick up.

// FC Dallas //

Zimmerman earning interest in Mexico | Big D Soccer

One thing to keep in mind about this rumor is Mexico's new rule on international players. Teams can only have so many now, which will make going after Americans a little tougher to do.

A look back at Hollingshead's goal against Houston | Big D Soccer

A last call on this one from yesterday afternoon as we looked at how well Fabian Castillo did to set up Ryan Hollingshead on this goal.

Dallas depth proving to be valuable |

We're going to take a look at this kind of thing while the club is on a break this week but when you're tied for first in the league and you've used a different lineup in all but one game this season, your depth must be doing something right.

Academy teams finish strong |

The regular season is wrapping up for the academy teams and each as we know are doing very well.

// MLS //

Pontius wins our POW |

Last week's short midweek session didn't prove to have a ton of standout performers except for one in Philly's Chris Pontius.

// Copa America //

Perez scores two as Panama beats Bolivia |

I know Bolivia isn't a power house in South America but boy it was cool to see Blas Perez bag two goals last night. How many of you are feeling like we made a mistake letting him go now?

Panama and Bolivia was wild fun |

A loose ref, a couple wild goals and a game that you'd almost expect out of these two teams.

Argentina is not missing Messi |

They may not be in the group stage but later on if he still isn't playing, I'm sure they will wish they had him.

The case for Nagbe and Pulisic to start |

It is a do-or-die kind of game for the US against Costa Rica. They've always been good at home against the Central American side but do you risk starting two young guys in the midfield like this? Honestly, I would go for it.

US must beat Costa Rica |

Uh, duh. Everyone knows that.

Will Klinsmann shake up the lineup? |

You know he will. He has to get at least one guy out of position just to make us all go a little crazy.