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View from the East Stand: When It Rains

Yes, I realize my photo is from the West side. Had to move over there due to the rain.

Leaving work, I didn't think the rain would be that much of a factor. Figured it would just dissipate within minutes of arriving at the stadium like the last rainy game, against Portland if I remember right. Instead, the drive over was met with torrents of water falling from the sky. It was a harbinger, a foretelling of what was to occur over the course of the night.

Playing In the Rain

Once there, I ran (literally ran) towards the west side, as that's the only cover other than the east side bathrooms. I'm not doing that again. Then surprisingly, the referee deemed the field playable and started the game. The ball didn't travel very far when kicked. The puddles were huge and the rain just kept coming. It was funny to watch the first three minutes of the game though. Finally the ref called off the match, and the players retreated to the locker rooms, and the stadium retreated for cover. Save for a brave few who stayed out there in their sweet ponchos.

Dynamo Fans

The delay lasted almost 2 hours, and in that time, the west side got pretty crowded with people trying to shield from the rain. In the mix were Dynamo fans who had come from Houston on a bus apparently. All credit to them as they were there cheering loud at the beginning of the match under the pouring rain. Got to talking with some of them, apparently the beer is cheaper here in Toyota Stadium. Can't imagine the prices at other stadiums if this is the case.

After the delay, seats were soaked and pretty much up for grabs at this point. Most of the attendees had left and it was fairly easy to tell which seats were taken and which were vacated by the amount of water on them. Claimed a seat in row 1 right behind the FC Dallas bench to watch the rest of what turned out to be a miserable match. It was a much different experience sitting right behind the benches. Able to hear Papi calling out to his players, calling in subs, and hearing the players on the field talk to each other.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "I think they should get more squeagy guys, the guys that do the squeagying." Not even sure if I'm spelling that right.

Were you at the game this past Thursday? Or were you watching the game from the safe, dry, comfort of your own home? Who else felt like we could've won that under normal circumstances? Let me know in the comments below!