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Goal Breakdown: Taking a look at Ryan Hollingshead's goal against Houston

When Castillo gets to the wings, typically good things do happen for FC Dallas.

Last week we had hoped FC Dallas would set off a few more fireworks in their match against the Houston Dynamo but the rain got in the way of all that run.

We did get one goal out of the rainy mess in the first half on this gem of a play by Fabian Castillo to help set up Ryan Hollingshead's second goal of the season. Let's break down this play and see how FC Dallas got the best of their rivals in this situation.

Castillo as you'll see got the ball on the wing and in vintage-Castillo form, he quickly made it down the left side of the field, beating Jail Anibaba in the process.

Unlike in previous Castillo plays, the Colombian stopped on a dime right at the end line and was able to pick out Hollingshead's run at the far post. A pass he probably wouldn't have made or even completed in years past.

Just stopping for the brief second was enough to force Anibaba away from the play and to allow Hollingshead to get into position for the easy tap in. The entire Dynamo defense was caught out as well between Anibaba's stumble on the end line to Demarcus Beasley leaving the back door open for Hollingshead.

Here is a full look at the play. You'll see five Dynamo players in the box, not one steps up to Castillo after he made a stop at the end line.

And here is a closer look again at the pass and score from Hollingshead.