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Big D Daily: News for Friday, June 3, 2016

FC Dallas picked up a point at home last night in a rain soaked evening.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Has anyone dried off from last night's rain?

// FC Dallas //

FCD puddles around in draw | Big D Soccer

Here is out game recap from last night as we sat through a two hour delay after an entertaining four minutes of water logged soccer.

A step in the right direction | Dallas Soccer News

It wasn't a 5-0 blowout like before against Houston but I'm not sure it was a positive result either last night. Though part of me thinks given the weather, the delay and the how things went, a draw was probably fair for both sides in the end.

Long delay dampens FCD's hope to beat Houston | Dallas Morning News

Now after a blowout loss and a draw, keeping the cannon this year is probably not likely.

FCD and Houston trade blows in rain |

And here is one more look at last night's game.

// MLS //

Stewart unhappy with pitch conditions in Philly | Brotherly Game

If Earnie Stewart thinks the Philly pitch was sloppy, he should see Toyota Stadium.

Collin has been a revelation for NY | Once a Metro

I'm still impressed at how much New York had to give up to get him in a trade with Orlando. He can be frustrating at times to watch but he is the type of defender you want leading a defense in this league most of the time though.

RSL knocks down NYC on the road | RSL Soapbox

As quickly as NYC found a lead in this one, RSL came back and scored three straight on their way to a big road win.

90 minutes of Pirlo does not mean a party | Hudson River Blue

I guess not everyone is happy with Andrea Pirlo these days in NYC.

Kaka hurt, will miss Copa | The Mane Land

Tough news for Kaka as he was recently named to the Brazilian squad but after picking up an injury he will now end up missing the big tournament.

Galaxy and SKC underwhelming in draw | LAG Confidential

Our draw wasn't the only draw of the night in MLS.

// Copa America //

Is it bad for the US not to win Copa? | The Goat Parade

A simple question with probably a simple answer. Honestly, I don't think it is a bad thing if the US doesn't win. Now if the US doesn't compete well, that is an entirely different story.

The US can become "world champions" with win over Colombia | Stars and Stripes FC

Nothing like a little satire to get the tournament going I suppose.

Handicapping the Copa field |

I still think it comes down to either Mexico or Argentina in this tournament.