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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FCD welcomes in Colorado tomorrow in a big USOC showdown.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The week continues to roll on as FC Dallas gets ready to host Colorado tomorrow night in the USOC.

// FC Dallas //

Clavijo: We're going to get a striker | Big D Soccer

We've been seeing rumors of a couple defenders linked with the club as of late but the thought of getting a striker in this transfer window is more intriguing than anything else.

Academy teams sweep week to advance |

As we all expected them to, the FCD kids are through to the quarterfinals of the USSDA playoffs on June 6 or 7. The U-18s will be hosting SKC in their match while the U-16s will wait to see what the bracket will look like.

Diaz earns TOW honors |

No shocker here to see Mauro Diaz land on the team of the week this time around. He had a monster game against RSL.

ET Radio: Why FCD sold Zendejas |

Clavijo was on ExtraTime Radio yesterday to talk about the upcoming transfer window and why the club sold Alex Zendejas.

// MLS //

Sounders need a playmaker pronto |

After watching their game with NYCFC this past weekend, they may need a little more than just a playmaker. Some quality young players would go a long way as well.

Dear Union fans, be fans | Brotherly Game

Fans in Philly are always an interesting lot but this is a pretty interesting letter to the main supporters there. Certainly worth a read.

Clasico delivered, refs help Orlando |

A little more from last weekend as there was a lot to chew on in this past weekend's game.

// USMNT //

How I stopped worrying and hate Jurgen Klinsmann | Stars and Stripes FC

Yeah, I kind of have a similar thought process when it comes to Klinsmann as well. At this point, I kind of just ignore most of what he does and just laugh at the lineups he puts out.

The US proved the world a successful Copa America | Yahoo Sports

Even though I didn't care a ton about Copa this summer, it was nice to see that our country can put on a large scale tournament on very short notice and still come away looking pretty good in the process.

And with that I leave you with this ridiculously awesome celebration from Iceland yesterday. DBG, you guys wanna work on getting this going? Please and thank you.