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Workhorse of the Week vs. Sporting Kansas City & Real Salt Lake

The refs let FC Dallas down in another tough one in Kansas City. But FC Dallas rebounded with a big win against Real Sale Lake. Castillo even grabbed a goal. Come inside and vote for the Workhorse over the course of the past couple of weeks.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Ryan Hollingshead who won a slim vote for his performance against the hated Houston Dynamo in our last poll a little while ago.

Vacation kept me from getting in a Workhorse poll last week, so we'll merge the past couple of weeks together and give all of us a chance to catch up.

Here's a quick recap:

Following a long difficult penalty win against the OKC Energy, FC Dallas got absolutely robbed by the refs in a loss at Sporting Kansas City. This is one where many of us would still like some better answers for a game that should have at least given FC Dallas a goal for their first half performance. But the world isn't fair. The second half didn't offer us much love, though you could argue the overall performance was better than the scoreline suggested.

Last Saturday however, FC Dallas responded. The team looked disciplined and organized, not giving up a shot on goal. The offense revved into life. Fabian Castillo broke his drought with a nice goal, and Mauro Diaz surely got the winner for the pass of the week. This was your classic home cooking scenario.

Ultimately, here are my questions:

- Is Maxi Urruti a bust at this point? He works hard. We love his camaraderie with the team, especially Mauro. But where are the goals? He has had about three months to prove to FC Dallas that they didn't need to go out and get a big name striker, and thus far, he has not made a strong enough case. I'd call that disappointing, even if you could argue that some of the lineups around him have not been ideal.

- On to the refs in the game at Kansas City, surely some nice compassionate soul would consider setting up a hotline that refs could call in the middle of the game when they need a second or third opinion. Did the ball cross the line? Maybe there could be something like a device that gives you different picture angles that you could rely on when you can't see what happens. Or you could offer someone a free sandwich to stand near the goal and watch to see if the ball goes over the line. If that doesn't work, you could maybe even pray to a divine being for help. I don't know. Something would be better than nothing.

- FC Dallas is still in need of reinforcements. With Zendejas being moved, it's clear that the roster is thinning out with so many matches ahead. While I'm glad to see Lizarazo getting more minutes, he hasn't exactly been inspiring. Good news, though - Coy Craft is lighting it up in the USL.

Vote below. And sorry for the delay!