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View From the East Stand: Meeting the Enemy

We conversed nearly the entire game with a couple of Real Salt Lake fans visited from out West.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was a gorgeous day in Frisco with the temperature settling down around kickoff. The sun was out for part of the game but it wasn't heavy by any means. We sat down right behind two Real Salt Lake fans who only had FC Dallas stadium left on their list of away stadiums to watch their team play in. This overall seemed like an easy game for FC Dallas, a great rebound game and perfect reaction to the tough loss on the road.

Great Game!

Overall pretty fun game to watch from an FC Dallas perspective. After the last two home games, a draw in the water-bowl against Houston and a penalty shootout win against a lower level team that took us all the way to a penalty shootout, this game was refreshing to watch. The stadium was nicely filled to watch the spectacle as the crisp passing was a joy to behold. Diaz was absolutely on fire, and the bicycle assist to Fabian Castillo was absolute perfection. That's one for the memory bank.

Meeting with the enemy!

There were a good number of traveling fans in the stadium, and two of them happened to sit in front of me this day. They apparently had visited every stadium in the league to watch their RSL play in each of them and Dallas was the last place left on their list. Towards the start of the match they also informed us that we were basically playing the Real Monarchs, the RSL USL team as all their starters were rested this game.

They had a great sense of humor about having their 2nd team get beat up by FC Dallas. Asked them who'd they pluck from the team other than Diaz and Hedges, their consensus was 'Castillo', as they'd love to add quality on the wings. They said FC Dallas stadium was fairly nice, and that their least favorite stadium was the Revs stadium. Their favorite however was San Jose's stadium. Largest outdoor bar in the world am I right?

And finally, your fan quote of the game: "Oh, Chris Wingert is taking our corners now, great." - RSL fan on his excitement about Wingert.

Anybody else thinking of going around the league watching FC Dallas play? Who else got to see that incredible assist live? Anyone think this will get our team back on track, or do we still need work to do? Let me know in the comments below!