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Rumor: FC Dallas to sell Fabian Castillo to Turkish club Trabzonspor

Rumors are going to be popping up left and right like this.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting KC Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors. Seriously, they are everywhere at the moment as the summer is getting into full swing here. FC Dallas is on the heels of selling Alejandro Zendejas to Chivas in Mexico and are also rumored to be selling a very key figure in their lineup in Fabian Castillo.

Reports out of Turkey suggest that Trabzonspor is looking to buy Castillo from FC Dallas.

Basically that says a deal will be announced next week. But there is more, as the next tweet discusses the money involved.

If we read that correctly, that says $1.2 million Euro. Either way that is a sign to take this rumor with a massive grain of salt because for the longest time the talk from FC Dallas to us here at Big D Soccer was that they would not entertain selling Castillo for anything less than $6-8 million. That is even during this season when he has been nearly as good as he was in 2015.

Take it for what you will but I would be awfully shocked if this rumor turned out to be true.