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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The big semifinal game for the US is tonight!

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It is almost time for the big game for the US as they take on Argentina tonight in the semifinals of Copa America.

// FC Dallas //

FCD vs SKC: The good and the bad | Big D Soccer

A little more from Sunday's game as we look at the positives and the negatives in the result. Lets face it, we all know the big negatives were the refs but so was the indecision from Fabian Castillo.

Academy keeper is a Frisco original |

I know some folks in Frisco that have been there since before FC Dallas moved to town. For keeper Ben Hale, he is one of those originals that has seen everything change over the years.

// MLS //

Instant Replay: Looking back at the issues in KC |

I haven't put any of these videos up this season but this one was certainly worth discussing. It may help knowing that it is Simon Borg doing it this week. I'm only disappointed that the second half PK request from FCD wasn't shown in this one but Borg did go through about everything else.

Adi won't be leaving Portland this summer |

Despite some rumors, it seems like Portland will be able to hang on to Fanendo Adi for a few more months here.

Columbus sign Duka from Montreal |

A bit of a random trade here but yesterday the Crew picked up Dilly Duka from Montreal for some allocation money. Apparently Duka hasn't been playing with Montreal after his contract ended at the end of 2015 with them. You know, MLS player rights and what not.

Beckham in talks to bring All Aboard Florida group in on stadium deal | Miami Herald

Basically, Becks is big on the rail system that folks are wanting to build between Miami and Orlando. So yeah, why not?

// Copa America //

What to watch for tonight against Argentina | Stars and Stripes FC

Here is a quick little preview for tonight's game.

US are ready for Argentina challenge |

Things won't be easy tonight with the suspensions the US are dealing with but given the shorter turnaround for Argentina, anything is possible.

US look to upset Argentina |

No, I don't think it would be the biggest upset in US soccer history if it happens tonight but it will certainly be up there (I still go with the old school win over England from back in the day for those who care).

Chile must build on perfect match |

It may be tough to come off a 7-0 blowout win in a tournament like this but right now Chile looks like the real deal out there.