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I Demand a Refund!

PRO and MLS have wholly failed in their duty to maintain the integrity of the game. As a result, FC Dallas fans who traveled to Kansas City should be issued a full refund.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Mr. Peter Walton 
General Manager
Professional Referee Organization
420 Fifth Ave, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Mr. Dan Courtemanche
Executive Vice President, Communications
Major League Soccer
420 Fifth Ave, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Mr. Walton and Mr. Courtemanche,

The Hand of God. Koman Coulibaly and the phantom foul in the box. The Thierry Henry handball. Frank Lampard's shot that hit the crossbar and clearly crossed the line. These are the worst refereeing decisions that come to the forefront of my mind.

Today we can add one more performance to the officiating hall of shame. Referee Jorge Gonzalez and Assistant Referee Sam Hurd must be suspended from duty and sent back to ref school for their performance during the FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City match. Also, MLS has a duty to implement goal line technology and instant replay as quickly as possible in order to arm our referees with the same tools as everyone watching at home and in the stadium.

I am demanding a refund of my expenditures during the trip from Dallas to Kansas City because of the incompetence and negligence demonstrated by PRO and MLS.

The ball has crossed the line

In the 14th minute, Lawrence Olum's backpass clearly crossed the line. I do not fault Assistant Referee Sam Hurd for being unable to sprint as quickly as the ball. However, I do fault MLS for the decision to not implement goal line technology or instant replay.

Fabian Castillo is not offside

In the 16th minute, Mr. Hurd incorrectly flagged Fabian Castillo for offside. He was not.

Tesho is arm tackled by Medranda in the box

In the 24th minute, Tesho Akindele was hauled down in the box by Jimmy Medranda. Can Mr. Gonzalez explain why an arm tackle is not a foul?

Feilhaber takes a tumble

In first half stoppage time, Mr. Gonzalez awards a penalty kick when Benny Feilhaber takes a dive in the box. Here is a screenshot of Feilhaber beginning to fall over without contact from a defender.

Tesho is body-slammed by Melia in the box

In the 57th minute, Tesho was body-slammed by Melia in the box, who missed the ball completely.

All five of these erroneous calls had a direct impact on the scoreline, rendering the outcome of the game spurious.

My wife, 10 month old, and I made the trip from Dallas for Fathers' Day. The incompetence of Gonzalez and Hurd of PRO and the absence of goal line technology or instant replay due to the negligence of MLS denied all enjoyment we were entitled to derive from the purchase of two tickets to what should've been a thrilling bout of MLS Western Conference teams. Instead, we were subjected to undue agitation and humiliation as PRO and MLS failed in their duties to adjudicate a fair and legal match. I am demanding a full refund of all expenses incurred to travel and attend this debacle.

Here is an itemized list of expenses to be refunded:

Travel (1024 miles at $.54/mile)


Hotel (1 night at Best Western Premier KC Speedway)


Food ($51.75/day for 2.5 people for 2 days)


Tickets to the game (2)


Lost wages from Phil travelling Monday (8 hours at $45/hour)





Phil Luetchford