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View from the East Stand: FC Dallas got MLS'd

Sporting Kansas City hosted us and showed us that you need more than just playing well to win.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was on primetime this Father's Day afternoon. It was an unfortunately blistering day outside, the relentless sun and dry heat would've beaten us up if this was hosted here in Dallas. It looks like it took a good toll on the usually packed Sporting Park as well. The referees were absolutely atrocious and cost us at least a point in my opinion. Also, is Castillo in his worst form in recent memory?

First 30 minutes

Those first 30 minutes gave me a ton of hope for this game. We were on the move, Castillo and Barrios were constantly threatening. We even scored two goals! Can you believe it?! Woooo! It's weird how the final score ended up 2-0 instead of 2-2 at the very least. The disbelief in everyone's faces when the ref didn't call the back pass goal, and the fact that ESPN refused to show the replays for the longest time. Which leads me to the refs...

MLS Refereeing

This match will probably be the main event when the referees meet to go over the games and decisions made in their review meeting. If the league had consistent refereeing, I'd say this was a fixed game. But unfortunately the incompetence is so deeply rooted and well known that we can't even suggest a fix.

The linesman has to catch that. He has to run back on back passes especially ones with that much pace. "He's not going to run up and down for every back pass!" Great, this is a perfect argument for the goal line technology need.

And finally, your fan quote of the day: "We need to sell Castillo ASAP while he has any value."

How angry were you at the missed calls in the first half? Ok, but how angry were you at Castillo showing how good he can be at running, not shooting? Any one else think this might serve as motivation, or will it dishearten this group? Let me know in the comments below!