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Quick Burns: Why the Texas Derby matters to you

All the Houston hate, all the time.

It is Texas Derby week around here and we decided to use our Quick Burns series to look at our rivalry between FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo. Our panel this week is looking at why the Texas Derby matters to them.

Andy Jaeger

The derby means a lot to me because it means a lot to the players, for both teams. The rivalry is not something that just exists in the MLS but has been going on since they were in their academy teams. So the fact that it's a deep rooted, competitive rivalry makes it that much more enjoyable for me. It's an in-state rivalry that brings the best out of both teams and fanbases. The idea of Victor Ulloa playing against them back when he played for the FC Dallas Youth and getting more fired up for Houston adds an interesting element to this matchup. Some of these players have actually grown up with this rivalry.

Phil Luetchford

“Come and take it.” The Battle for El Capitán. The Texas Derby. There are a lot of reasons to get fired up for the FC Dallas vs. Houston Dynamo rivalry.

Texas Pride is at stake. Only one team can be the Kings of Texas, and it’s gotta be us. We’ve got the colors of Texas. We’re the real deal. Orange and Black? What is this, trick or treat?

There’s real bad blood between these teams. In 30 matches, there have been 12 red cards. The energy of the crowd will fuel the flame of emotions higher and higher. “Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, and put Houston at the top!”

This game in particular is extra special. Before the five-nil loss in March, FC Dallas had won seven in a row against Houston. Three of those were by the scoreline 4-1, or #cuatroauno as I like to call it. This matchup was not even competitive for three years. But now there is a wrong to right. Dallas is going to be out for revenge.

Surprisingly, Houston has won 12 games in this series history, while Dallas has won 11. There is a chance for Dallas to tie up the overall series again with a resounding win.

Mohammad Bushnaq

Everybody loves to have that team to hate. The Texas Derby matters to me because it is a constant chance (thanks to the relocation of Houston to the Western Conference) to give Dallas fans the opportunity to watch their team fight against their fiercest rivals, produce some instant classics, and keep the fans emotionally invested in the series. In other sports, you have divisional play. In MLS, conferences are all you have, so fans need these types of matches to really continue their growth and development as passionate FC Dallas fans.

Jared Tilley

Houston will always be a little brother to Dallas. People from Houston hate to hear it, but they are a second rate city compared to us. I don't care if we are in a pie baking contest against them, I want to win (which we would - we have better grandmas too). More than that, I have a lot of friends from Houston who always bring up how they have won titles and we haven't. Those friends aren't even soccer fans, except when the two teams play. With that being said, I want to make them come to the game, miserably watching, while we destroy their pumpkin looking team. Lastly, I hope some Houston fans make it to the game Thursday night. I hope it's raining and we are up by three goals, 20 minutes into the match. I want to take joy in the blank stares on their faces.