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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, June 16, 2016

FCD gets through on penalties last night in the USOC.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas wasn't the only MLS side that struggled in the USOC last night.

// FC Dallas //

FCD outlasts OKC in penalties in USOC | Big D Soccer

Here is our write up of last night's game from SMU. It was hot early on, but FCD squandered plenty of chances to put this one away early.

FCD goes marching on | Dallas Soccer News

It took a while to get there but once Colin Bonner converted the last penalty of the night, FCD advanced.

Late equalizer forces FCD to do extra work |

FCD's defensive effort at times last night was lacking as they allowed OKC to gain momentum in the final 10 minutes of the match, which resulted in that game-tying goal.

// MLS //

United fall on penalties in Fort Lauderdale | Black and Red United

While we were able to get through on penalties, one MLS side crashed and burned in them.

Dynamo dominate San Antonio in USOC | Dynamo Theory

My gut tells me when the draw comes out today for the USOC, we'll be facing our foes in Houston again.

Guardado close to joining Atlanta United | Dirty South Soccer

I have a feeling Atlanta's DPs are going to be Mexican at this point. And really there isn't a lot wrong with that thought process out of that team if they get the right ones.

Galaxy needed cheap goal to get past amateurs |

We talked about their Tuesday night result a little bit yesterday morning but here is how they were able to do it. Legal sure, but super cheap.

// Copa America //

Tactical preview of the Ecuador game |

A lot of this game will come down to the middle of the field with Michael Bradley going against our own Carlos Gruezo.

Bolanos out for US game |

Ecuador will be without one of their key attackers tonight in Seattle. Something worth keeping an eye on for sure.

Looking ahead to the Copa quarterfinals |

Here is a good brief look at all four games that are on tap in the quarters.

Klinsmann takes shot at a signature win |

Personally, I think they can get through Ecuador tonight. But a signature win for Jurgen Klinsmann would really be in the next round against someone like Argentina. That kind of win would shut a lot of people up, including me.