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Big D Daily: News for Monday, June 13, 2016

Copa groups are nearly done as the US is through to the quarterfinals.

Elsa/Getty Images

Before we get into today's links, I just wanted to send a thought and a prayer to our friends in Orlando and to those who frequent The Mane Land.

// FC Dallas //

FCD player transfer values explained | Big D Soccer

With the summer transfer windows opening just around the corner, it made sense to re-evaluate where some players stood with their transfer values.

Ways to fix the attendance issues at Toyota Stadium | Big D Soccer

Okay, we had a little fun with this one over the weekend but some folks may have not gotten the satiric nature of the post. Still, we do hope you enjoy it.

Three reasons to vote for Michael Barrios for ASG |

Nice points all around on the winger but he's gotta get back to 100% health for me right now.

// MLS //

MLS would have held Pulisic back according to Klinsmann |

In most markets, yes I think that comment is very true. But there are still plenty of good places in MLS for a young player to develop early and get plenty of minutes at his age.

// Copa America //

Brooks was something special |

To say that John Brooks was the man of the match against Paraguay may be an understatement.

Ecuador ready for the US in the quarterfinals |

It just seems like yesterday that these two countries were facing off in Frisco. Now, they'll battle it out up in Seattle for a spot in the semifinals.

What you need to know about Ecuador |

Those strikers up top scare the crap out of me for this semifinal game. They finally got going over the weekend against Haiti (which I know isn't saying much but momentum is everything).

US must prove itself again after winning group |

Do we still doubt where Jurgen Klinsmann is taking this team?

Dunga: Peru goal was clearly a handball |

The shocker over the weekend wasn't just the US winning their group but Brazil crashing out of their's thanks to a pretty controversial goal from Peru.

Players refuse to blame ref for Peru's goal |

At least some players for Brazil aren't placing blame outside of themselves.

Brazil deserved elimination from Copa |

Their only good result was a blowout win over Haiti. Not to mention most believed they brought a B squad to this competition too.