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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Some how we have made it to June already.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It seems wild to think that June is starting today but here we are, a day away from another Texas Derby match too.

// FC Dallas //

FCD knows little about their CCL opponents but will be ready | Dallas Soccer News

We know their names and where they are from but like FCD we have some studying to do as well. But the more I look at this group stage, the more I get excited to see some young guys get some minutes.

Akindele and Harris called up |

As you might expect it, a couple more FCD players earned international call ups for this week.

Marketing executives pitch their ideas for #CrushtheOrange |

It may seem silly or just flat out cute, either way it is Crush the Orange Week around here.

// MLS //

Who got the toughest group in CCL |

It should be no surprise that people think we got an easy group but that group with SKC and Vancouver is rough, not because of the Trinidad team in it, but because it pits two MLS sides against one another.

Keep calm and stop booing | Hudson River Blue

Ah the roller coaster that is NYCFC and being a fan of that team.

Grading all 20 clubs three months in |

A solid B- for FCD three months in. In all honesty, that is absolutely on point.

Zlatan could end up returning to Sweden |

I would be a bit shocked if this came true but hearing that he could end his career back where it started doesn't surprise me all that much either.

// Copa America //

Argentina threatens to pull out of tournament |

Well that isn't good. Pretty interesting story nonetheless though of how their government is getting involved in their FA elections.

Copa will skip extra time and go straight to penalties | Fox Soccer

Well, except for the final of course but in the knockout stage there won't be extra time, which makes this feel very early 90s to me for some reason. staff predicts Copa |

Lots of interesting comments in this one but folks are split between Mexico and Argentina in this one. My gut tells me it won't be either one of them in the end.