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Extra Time: Oscar Pareja Story

FCD's digital crew is knocking out some killer material this week.

This is video is part one of a three part series that was recorded back in February. According to the club, the second part will air this Saturday before FC Dallas takes on the Seattle Sounders.

Gina Miller sat down recently with FC Dallas head coach to discuss the game and his passion he has for Colombia. Pareja doesn't discuss his time with Independiente Medellin all that much but Miller and FC Dallas's digital crew were able to get some good comments out of him for the latest Extra Time segment.

Hearing Pareja discuss the violence in his home country and how he learned the game as a kid is really fascinating stuff. Just hearing the few brief mentions of Pablo Escobar is worth listening to this enough.

We all know Pareja is a passionate guy on the bench but you can definitely get a larger sense of where that passion is fueled from.