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View from the East: Just Come Home

FC Dallas clearly can't sort themselves out on the road, and we're all tired of it.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Another road game. Another frustrating road loss. Having it back on TXA 21 was a nice change, and watching Jozy Altidore fall on his butt after a few failed attempts was also entertaining. We also got to witness a borderline assault towards the end of the game. Nothing like what happened in the NYRB II game, but I think knees going into the side of a goalkeeper's head might be close.

Better. Still short.

The play was markedly improved from the past two games, and it wasn't just the scoreline either. We didn't get blown out in a loss for the first time this season (yay?)!

FC Dallas actually pressed and looked ready to play some soccer instead of being content to getting beaten for 90 minutes.There were excellent chances that, if they were finished we would've escaped with a point and gathered at least some momentum coming back home to Portland this Wednesday. Yet, it all proved for naught.

No Red for Will?

How was that not a red card? How come more people aren't talking about this on the interwebs? Jesse Gonzalez was claiming a rebounding ball he just saved, and was practically on top of it when all of the sudden Will Johnson came flying in like the obnoxious overzealous player he has always been. There's a difference between passion and just reckless annoying jerk behavior. The MLS disciplinary committee needs to take a look, but my tin foil hat is telling me that the favored franchise will get off the hook for this one. Just a yellow then...Last thing I'll say is that if that was an FCD player slamming into one of the beloved franchise goalkeepers there'd be a unanimous call for his head.

We just need the team to come home, where they're undefeated. Especially to come home and face two teams from Cascadia that have yet to win on the road this season. We'll at least be there to help FC Dallas bounce out of this losing streak and yell our lungs out as we keep Portland and Seattle winless on the road.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "He was stretchered off as if in an active Syrian war zone." -Get will soon Jesse. We need you.

Is anyone else ok with this result, and just sees this as an improvement since it's our first non-blowout loss? Who thinks that Will Johnson should be banned and forced to hug Jesse as part of the punishment? Or was that a 50-50 ball that could happen any time? Let me know in the comments below!