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FC Dallas vs Toronto FC: Match Predictions

Pretty doom and gloom from the BigD staff this week.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As if you haven't figured it out by now, predicting MLS results is an insanely tricky business. I'm filling in for Mohammad this week, because he's "studying for finals" so he can "run institutions that saves lives". Slacker.

Our top 5 still remains intact.... for now.

Taylor 13
Phil 10
Mohammad 9
Nathan 9
Cody 8

The predictions are pretty gloomy as FCD ends their longest road trip of the year up in the Great White North. Only yours truly and Ben Lyon have the audacity to predict a three-point party.

Scoring breakdown for the season will be implemented using the following:

1 for predicting the correct result

3 points bonus for predicting the exact score

3 point bonus (optional) for nailing the correct scorers for FC Dallas only.

Maximum available weekly points are 7 points.

Here are our predictions. What do you think happens tonight?

Name Result FCD TOR Comments
Andy Jaeger

Ben Lyon Win 2 1 Toronto FC started with a long trip last year, returned home from a fairly successful road trip, and were beaten by a team from Texas (Dynamo). Calling a repeat of last year with goals from Barrios and Urruti.
Cody Gamond Draw 3 3 Dallas finds its shooting boots again and Toronto rolls over our bad defense. Crazy back and forth opener for Toronto. Goals from Barrios, Loyd, and Urruti. Toronto goals are 2 for Giovinco and 1 for Jozy.
Drew Epperley Loss 1 2 FCD gets an early goal but the talents of Giovinco are too much as he helps Toronto climb back and win in their home opener.
Jared Tilley Loss 0 3 Toronto gets an early goal, by a set piece, and then set up their defense. FCD hasn't shown an ability to break down defenses when they go down early on the road. Road woes continue and we all start to panic a little.
Jason Poon Win 2 0 For poops and giggles.
Mohammad Bushnaq Loss 1 2 The home opener has the Reds roaring to avenge their loss in Dallas last year. Diaz gets on the board, but the Hoops struggle to overcome Giovinco's wizardry with their makeshift back line.
Nathan Hill Loss 1 3 The first half is a decent affair. FC Dallas answers via a strike from Mauro Diaz after Altidore gets things going early. But the second half is when Pareja and co cannot adjust. Two goals from Giovinco make it an easy romp for Toronto. Meanwhile, Clavijo doesn’t travel with the team and spends the whole day taking an old mannequin from an auction and dressing it up with FC Dallas gear. On Monday, the team announces the signing of "Man E. Quin" who, despite not moving, helps the team earn shutouts the rest of the season. In the offseason, Manchester City signs him away for billions of dollars. But unfortunately, Quin refuses to play for the USMNT.
Phil Luetchford Loss 0 3 Toronto FC has given up only 7 goals in 8 games, while Dallas has conceded 7 goals in the last 2. Now Toronto comes home to a sold-out crowd of 30,000 deafening fans. The only FC Dallas player that can stick with Sebastian Giovinco, Zach Loyd, is recovering from a stomach bug. Giovinco runs wild, scoring twice, while Jozy finally gets on the score sheet with a goal and an assist. Dallas has problems getting the ball out of its own end, with long balls intended for Barrios and Castillo skipping out of bounds on the wet surface.
Ryan Scalon Loss 0 5 FCD manages to keep the blowouts coming with another embarrassment in Canada. This time to a competent Toronto team instead. Giovinco scores 2, with Jackson, Altidore and Bradley getting on the board too. Gruezo gets red carded somewhere in there.
Scott Hiney Draw 2 2 I think this is one of those games where you’re happy to take the tie. It’s hyper-competitive and Castillo scores early as they take advantage of TFC being over-hyped. Urruti gives FC Dallas a 2-1 lead in the second half but Seba knots it up to split the points.
Taylor Hester Loss 1 3 Toronto's home opener in their renovated stadium. Giovinco. Altidore. Bradley. Dallas in a slump. Do I need to say more?