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View from the East: Playing to not lose

Point on the road or blown opportunity to grab some more away points for the season?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It was a fairly humid night and the sun was down for a west coast kickoff game.With both teams missing a number of starters, it was supposed to be an interesting match up with both sides having their depth tested. What ended up happening was that both depleted sides played a match that can easily be named the most boring match of the season so far.

Not much action

It seemed like both teams came out just not trying to lose. Oscar Pareja opted to stick to like for like substitutions except for the defensively minded substitution at the end where Zach Loyd came in for Mauro Diaz to end his night. If any of you stuck around till the end, you were able to see Matt Hedges' last minute chance to give us the three points. Unfortunately it bounced awkwardly and rolled harmlessly over to Bingham.

Even the stadium tried to help the dire situation on the field as the Warriors game was put on the screen during the soccer game. The game 7 broadcast led to Warriors chants at the soccer match, not sure how I'd feel about it if I was a player on the field for the home team. They literally changed the channel on what they were watching.

Lizarazo, Hedges and Diaz

Congrats on the guy on his first start. The Columbian trend here in FC Dallas continues, but I can't argue that this particular start impressed me. His sub appearances were fairly good this year, but hopefully it was just an off day for the first time starter.

On another note! Hedges and Diaz were both on the field at the same time for the first time in a long time! Although we couldn't get the result, it's definitely a positive to have two of our bigger stars out there.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "So glad I didn't watch that game." - text reacting to the score of the game.

Did you get to catch the game this past Saturday night? Did you catch up on sleep at the same time? Anyone else happy that we finally got to see both Mauro Diaz and Matt Hedges out on the field at the same time? Let me know in the comments below!