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FC Dallas vs New York Red Bulls: Game grades

As you might image, the grades aren't super following the latest loss.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Another away game and another thrashing. FCD visited a struggling Red Bulls team Friday evening and returned home with nothing more than a bruised ego. For the third time this year, FC Dallas has gone on the road and got pummeled by an inferior team. Friday seemed to be the same story as the Houston and Vancouver games; if they would have capitalized on their chances, the game might have been a little different. In the end, they weren’t able to do anything offensively and gave up a couple of comical goals. Let’s see how the team graded out.

Maxi Urruti (C) - Was absent most of the game. He didn’t have any service going forward and when he did get the ball, his back was usually to goal. Anytime Dallas got forward, they were outnumbered, leaving Maxi in a spot where he was never going to be able to do anything offensively. The few shots he was able to let go, were mishit or scuffed, never challenging the goalkeeper.

Mauro Diaz (C) - Had the best chance of the night and slotted the shot wide, looking at an open net. The midfield was overrun most of the night, not allowing Diaz to distribute going forward. Anytime he got the ball looking to go forward, he was swarmed by the Red Bulls midfield and didn’t have any options to pass out to.

Fabian Castillo (C-) – In a lot of ways, it feels like Fabian has taken a step back this year. Whether that is because opposing teams are putting three guys on him or he just hasn’t found his groove yet, is still to be seen. Castillo seemed frustrated most of the night and looked like a FIFA video game player. He would run full speed, alone, at the NY defense and hope to beat them all for pace. Just like in FIFA, it didn’t work. When he did try to play ‘one touch passing,’ he turned the ball over more than connecting with anyone. To be fair, the best scoring chance of the night was set up by Fabian, so add that to the mass confusion coming out of the match.

Michael Barrios (C-) – Wasn’t able to wiggle free all night.  He was matched for pace down the wing and was easily muscled off the ball. The few times he did get free, he had nowhere to go with the ball, since Urruti was outnumbered in the box.

Carlos Gruezo (C) – The defensive midfielders were set up to fail from the very beginning. Like we’ve seen a couple of times already this year, the midfield was disconnected and out numbered by the opposing team. Carlos was having to cover for for the whole back line with no help from the wingers up field. Him and Victor were spread too thin and couldn’t only do so much to stem the tide of the Red Bulls.

Victor Ulloa (C) – Had the same night as Gruezo. Was stretched too thin from the lack of help and couldn’t cover for the amount attacking midfielders coming at them.

Ryan Hollingshead (D) - Like the rest of the backline, the lack of communication made for a long 90 minutes. Hollingshead just didn’t seemed to be in the game Friday night.  Watching the ball hit off the crossbar and bounce back into play, instead of making a play on the ball. Also, he was late to step up on a couple of offside traps allowing NY to get in free on Jesse.

Zach Loyd (D) - Communication was an issue.  Maynor and Zach weren’t on the same page, causing more fires than anything. To put all the blame on Zach, or even the backline isn’t fair, since they didn’t have much support all night, but it’s the nature of the beast.

Maynor Figueroa (D) - Looked uncomfortable at center back. His lack of familiarity with Loyd and Jesse was an issue that allowed for a couple of goals. Whether it’s fair or not, he and the rest of the backline wasn’t good enough on Friday night.

Atiba Harris (D) – Didn’t offer anything going forward and was holding on for dear life while helping to defend. The backline as a whole was very disappointing and he was apart of that.

Jesse Gonzalez (D) – Looked shaky most of the night. The lack of familiarity on the backline was an issue all night. Jesse was hung out to try a couple of times by his makeshift backline, none more than on that second goal. Friday’s results show how important Hedges is to the backline and even Jesse.

Oscar Pareja (D-) - The squad wasn’t up for this game at all. They looked slow and disinterested from the opening whistle.  I felt like there were too many changes on the back line that lead to a couple of goals. Going forward, the team wasn’t connected at all. The wingers and striker were too far up the pitch allowing the Red Bulls to run over the midfield and dominate possession and thus the game.


Mauro Rosales (NA) - Game was out of reach when Mauro came in.

Tesho Akindele (NA) -  Game was out of reach when Tesho came in.

Kellyn Acosta (NA) - Game was out of reach when Kellyn came in.

In a lot of ways, this game was the perfect storm for the NY Red Bulls. hey had been starting to play better, FCD rolled out a new backline and the game was in NY. In a lot of ways, FCD was never in the game. They were dominated in possession, scoring chances and just about every other aspect of the match.  Luckily, it is just one game, against an Eastern conference team, in late April. Dallas has some bugs to work out right now and hopefully they are able to address them. Let see if we can turn it around against Toronto this weekend and get back to winning ways.