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Workhorse of the Week vs. New York Red Bulls

Man, if we thought the Vancouver game was bad, well... Hello, New York. Come inside and join the conversation as we try to find something positive to say about FC Dallas' players and their performance against the Red Bulls.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to No One. Yes, not a single FC Dallas player could claim enough votes against Vancouver, a game that while bad was nowhere near the travesty of the Friday night spectacle in Harrison, New Jersey.

I am going with the eternal optimism of Jason Poon, one of my favorite writers here on BigDSoccer, in his latest chalkboard piece:

It's common to react negatively after two consecutive road losses by a combined score of 7-0, but it's just two games out of a 34 game season. While the next match against Toronto FC is no easier than last Friday's game, a win effectively gives Dallas 3 points out of a three-game road trip, essentially saying they managed to hold serve while away from Frisco. We've said it here many times for several years that as long as you win at home and draw away, you'll do fine in this league. Dallas can still salvage this road-trip with a win next weekend.

Truly, FC Dallas looked their typical sluggish selves on the road, featuring a defensive lineup that include 2 converted midfielders and two outside backs and facing a revived New York Red Bulls who looked the part of Supporter's Shield winners. It could have been worse if not for a few athletic saves from Jesse Gonzalez. Pretty much the whole team looked unprepared for the athleticism and speed of New York.

In return, FC Dallas got drubbed, thoroughly and soundly wiped out.

Yes, as Jason reminds us, it is a long season. There are plenty of games where FC Dallas can make up ground, earn tough points, and figure things out. Other injuries will come over the course of the season, but this is one where Pareja and co maybe didn't scout as well or the cards were just stacked against them. Matt Hedges was sorely missed.

Are there positives? Mauro Diaz was the liveliest player on the pitch. He probably created the best opportunities FC Dallas would have to make something of the game, but he was obviously rusty. Hopefully, he'll look sharper on Sunday night against a fierce Toronto side.

FC Dallas was also reminded that athleticism only goes so far. The team just didn't seem to communicate well or work together. Guys like Atiba Harris and Ryan Hollingshead do have the physical tools, but if those tools aren't being deployed correctly, it's kind of moot. This team just could not keep possession at all.

I again don't have anyone to recommend. Maybe you do?

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