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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, May 26, 2016

The US snagged a late goal in Frisco.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It was a hot and humid night in Frisco as the US picked up a quality win before Copa America.

// FC Dallas //

Zimmerman and Loyd compliment each other's style on the field |

While Matt Hedges has been out we've seen this partnership between Walker Zimmerman and Zach Loyd go from so-so to pretty damn good over the course of a couple months.

// MLS //

Are the Rapids for real? | Big D Soccer

Our little weekly panel discussion looked at a conference rival yesterday. What do you think? Are the Rapids a contender or a pretender?

McCarty wins our POW |

You can see how all the blogs on our network voted (or at least the ones that remembered to). And yes, you can see how I voted as well.

Houston parts ways with Coyle | Dynamo Theory

Has there ever been a time when a team beat a rival 5-0 and then 10 or so games later got rid of their manager? Well, if it hasn't happened before it has happened now. Also, this proves why you always go domestic in this league when it comes to coaching.

Giovinco's Italy snub only hurts his country |

Sebastian Giovinco isn't hurting by playing in MLS at all. Part of me really wants Italy to crash out early in the Euros.

Giovinco happy in MLS |

And more on Giovinco.

Philly and Orlando play to another draw | The Mane Land

There was one MLS game going on last night and as you might expect, it ended level.

// USMNT //

Nagbe grabs late goal for the US | Stars and Stripes FC

The US looked good in stretches last night against Ecuador but getting a result like that has to be a big boost for some folks confidence about this team.

Nagbe makes case for larger role at Copa |

I stand by the statement that Darlington Nagbe would score a lot of goals if he played regularly in Frisco.