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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The United States and Ecuador face off tonight in Frisco.

Ashley Allen/Getty Images

In a small way it is game day around this town as the United States is getting ready for Copa America as they host Ecuador.

// FC Dallas //

Goal breakdown: How Tesho and Fabi sliced up New England | Big D Soccer

One more call on this piece from yesterday as we had a look at the two second half goals from last Saturday.

Acosta earns praise for unbelievable assist |

We broke the goal down yesterday on here but that assist to Tesho Akindele was something else by Kellyn Acosta on Saturday. That was schoolyard type stuff.

Academy teams earn sweep over SKC teams |

A pretty wild set of results for FCD. I told folks yesterday that I don't know if it is a product of FCD's teams being that good or SKC's teams being that bad.

// MLS //

Lampard still doesn't get it | Hudson River Blue

It has been a long and frustrating road for Frank Lampard and the NYC fans. Either he isn't here to play or when he is he is hurt. Sucks for all involved.

Did a MLS move knock Giovinco's Italy chances? |

Honestly it didn't. Saying that a guy that scored as many goals and tallied as many assists as he has over the last season and a half really shouldn't be a knock on the league. If anything it really is on the Italian coach for not looking closer at him.

Birnbaum and Guzan avoiding rumors |

Both guys are set to make moves soon from the sound of it. DCU could end up losing a key defender but would cash in on a good transfer, while Guzan makes his return to MLS. The big question on Guzan is who would need him in MLS right now? Chicago seems like a good spot.

New Liga MX rule could have consequences for American players |

Mexican owners agreed on a 10/8 rule yesterday to basically restrict the number of foreign players on a game day roster. But the bigger part of it is how they are classifying American players that are duel nationals like Omar Gonzalez. Recently he qualified as a Mexican player in their system (with duel citizenship) but now he won't. Might be something to keep an eye on this summer.

// USMNT //

US aims to make final four |

That is a big goal set by Jurgen Klinsmann but right now I'm not entirely sold on it being possible.

Klinsmann: Copa is more quality than Euros |

This will certainly be a fun summer with both Copa America and the Euros going on. To me it is apples and oranges in comparing the two. Different style, different emotions. Either way, they are mini World Cups.