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Goal breakdown: How Tesho Akindele and Fabian Castillo sliced up New England

FC Dallas had their way offensively against New England.

FC Dallas had quite the time in New England on Saturday in their 4-2 win. Tesho Akindele, Fabian Castillo and Kellyn Acosta ran all over the New England Revolution defense, which to be fair has a lot of issues.

As much as I would like to just break down one goal in this post, there were two good ones that needed a closer look.

I'll start first with Castillo's goal, which was his first in over a month. Oddly enough this goal was pretty similar to the cheeky chip that he scored in Portland. But I digress.

As you see, this was one of those plays that got started in the midfield. A lot of ping-pong with the ball until Atiba Harris sends a rather wild ball forward for the run of Castillo. New England defender Sambinha struggled to clear the ball as Castillo forced him to make a swinging attempt at a clearance (always pressure these kinds of balls kids, always).

The finish was calm and cool from Castillo too. Something that I think we can all agree he needed after the last month or so of play where he didn't seem nearly as comfortable in front of goal.

And here is the full play. Sometimes you need a bit of luck to get a result. This certainly helped push Dallas towards the three points.

There were some nervous moments following the Castillo goal but the insurance came right before stoppage time with this wonderful play between Acosta and Akindele.

What you don't see in this gift is how Acosta got the ball. Once again Mauro Rosales came into the game off the bench and provided a spark in the midfield. That allowed Acosta to do this magic on the ball before dishing it off to Akindele.

I love this view from the goal too. You get a real sense of how well Acosta was able to draw out a couple defenders from New England to give Akindele the space that he needed to get to the pass.

And the full play here, with the pass from Rosales to Acosta. That finish from Akindele was as cool as you'd want out of a starting striker.