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Workhorse of the Week vs. New England Revolution

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a road win. FC Dallas earned a massive 3 points on the road against a potent New England Revolution squad. Step inside the digital voting booth, share your opinions, and cast your nod for the player who exemplified FC Dallas' hard working spirit.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Ryan Hollingshead for a consecutive Workhorse of the Week win for his work over two games. Zach Loyd got a nice nod as number two.

Another 3 beautiful points.

My Precious

I remain pessimistic about this team on the road, just because it is so hard to get points consistently in this league away from your delicious home cooking. So, it's not a knock on this team to be pessimistic - it's just being realistic. Everybody has their struggles. So when you can go into a tough situation, missing a couple of key players, and win points, you have cause to celebrate.

It wasn't an easy win. The penalty kick won by Barrios was the hard-earned kind. Barrios is hopefully going to be okay, but it was a great start that reversed the trend of poor starts FCD has been having on the road. Go back and read my entry in the Quick Burns segment, and you'll see that it is imperative that this team get going right out of the gate to have success on the road. They did that here. (You can thank me later, Pareja.)

New England fought back and looked like the home favorite, but FC Dallas dug deep into their roster to get contributions from lots of people. Atiba Harris had a heck of a goal. Fabian Castillo broke his drought by keeping things simple and doing what he does best, moving fast with the ball. And Tesho put the nail in the coffin off of a fine feed by Acosta.

But here's my thoughts -

1 - This team can still only go up.

The benefit of a young team is also its curse - we have yet to see these players click to their fullest potential. That likely means putting up with sub-par performances here and there, as many guys (like young Jesse Gonzalez) continue to mature with needed experience. Other teams with more veterans face different challenges, but they don't have nearly the potential ceiling. We just have not seen how good FC Dallas can be when everyone is fully fit, fully in form, and firing on all cylinders. Against New England, we got another glimpse of how much a difference maker Kellyn has the potential to be, but it will take time.

2 - Lee Nguyen needs to come home.

The guy can just play, and he is so much fun to watch. FC Dallas could do wonders for their marketing to bring in an exciting player like he is who can rep the game of soccer in the DFW. We can moan that we almost had him here once a few years ago, but FCD needs to get serious about bringing stars home. It will make their marketing department's job a heck of a lot easier, and it's damn fine soccer to watch.

Anyway, go ahead and cast your vote below. Please share your thoughts on who stood out to you as your Workhorse of the Week.

My Strong Recommendations

Kellyn Acosta

Oh, hi, Kellyn. Nice game you had there.

Zach Loyd

You're a monster, Zach. Right now, you are the heartbeat of that defense. Thanks for bringing it each and every night.

Atiba Harris

You don't get enough love, but thanks for working hard for this team.