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View from the East: Road Win?!

With FC Dallas on the road, it was time to turn the tube to channel 21 and grab a brewski.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It was a nice day out in DFW, great day to go out and about. Not exactly TV watching weather, but when your team is on the road what else can you do? FC Dallas was traveling to east coast before making the trek to the west coast next week, brutal scheduling there. The expectations were fairly low for this game as we've lost 3 in a row on the road already while scoring absolutely nothing. Thankfully the product on the TV was massively improved.

Where Was This?

Where was this the past few games on the road?! Not sure whether the New England team wasn't taking the game seriously or if FC Dallas finally decided enough was enough for road losses. They had chances after chances keeping Bobby Shuttleworth and his back 4 busy. That challenge from Shuttleworth at the very beginning was pretty awful, made me jump out of my seat, and the ref listened to me as he gave the pen to start us off strong.

Shouts Out!

Shouts out to the traveling FC Dallas fans at the Revolution stadium! You guys rock, it's always awesome to see away fans for a team that gets flak for not having many fans. Speaking of not having many fans, he crowd was fairly sparse. Jealous of them, looks like they had a good time at this away game.

Also, does every announcer have his own way of pronouncing 'Akindele'? I've heard everything from 'ah-keen-dehli', to 'ah-keen-deh-leh' (that's my favorite), and I'm forgetting the last one I heard unfortunately. Anyone remember another pronunciation?

And finally, your fan quote of the night::" Who needs Pirlo when you have Acosta?" - /u/mateo416, I agree, great game from the youngster this time. Just gotta do that consistently now Kellyn.

What was everyone drinking that beautiful Saturday? Were any of you at the game? How was it? How do you pronounce Akindele? Let me know in the comments below!