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View from the East: Seeing Red

Absolutely horrific game to watch if you're a Dallas fan, the 3rd blow out away from home!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It was raining here, it was raining there. Rain rain everywhere. Being from Wylie I just really wish it would stop. Another thing I really wish would stop is FC Dallas' tendency to absolutely implode when they go down a goal on the road. It was a fluke the first time, the 2nd time was just unlucky, but now it's just plain ridiculous and bewildering. If the game itself wasn't enough, there were also the commentators that were muted while 100.7 The Word provided commentary. Tough pill to swallow Friday night.

Defense? What defense?

Maynor Figueroa and Zach Loyd were paired up in the back with Walker Zimmerman taking a seat and Matt Hedges still nursing an injury. While the idea of having speedy guys at the back to guard against the speedy NYRB offense was good in theory, the chemistry obviously wasn't there. Especially the communication with Jesse Gonzalez, as the terrible clearance started with what seemed like a miscommunication at the back.

The first goal should be saved as an example for kids on how NOT to defend a free kick. There were so many open guys in the box that they were literally falling over each other just to score from point blank. Absolute garbage defending on that set piece that we can chalk up as yet another failure on set piece defending (see last 2 games).

If Plan A fails...implode.

It really does feel like if our game plan for the day doesn't work, then we go into self destruct mode and just give the game away in spectacular fashion. We couldn't string anything together, and at times you just had to laugh at the futility of it as the game wore on. Or become depressed, whichever comes first.

We need Hedges to come back, his leadership at the back was missed incredibly these past two matches. We also need to quickly get a plan B, something to do in case the old "pass to the wings" strategy doesn't necessarily pan out mid-game. Once our wingers are defended against, we're shut down and become helpless. It's too easy to say this was just a fluke, flukes happen in rarity. This was the 3rd blow out in 10 games. 30% of our games are us getting our lights knocked out of us. It's really driving me to drink.

And finally your fan quote of the night: "We need Kenny Cooper." - This might've been said after alcohol was consumed.

If this game isn't cause for worry, will another blowout next week convince you there's an incredibly worrying underlying problem with this team? Any ideas on a Plan B once Castillo and Barrios get shut down? Was anyone else pulling their hair out during this game? Let me know in the comments below!