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FC Dallas 2016 Salaries: Who is making what this season

The annual spring salary chart is out.

It is that time of the year again. The MLS Players Union have revealed the player salaries for 2016. Once again it should be mentioned that you take these numbers with a grain of salt in some ways. They are not necessarily what the player may cost against the salary cap.

You can view the entire league's salaries here.

So here you go:

Name 2016 Base Salary 2016 Total Compensation
Kellyn Acosta $220,000 $240,000
Tesho Akindele $90,000 $107,500
Michael Barrios $70,000 $70,000
Colin Bonner $51,504 $51,504
Fabian Castillo $155,750 $170,750
Coy Craft $70,000 $87,083
Mauro Diaz $466,000 $544,400
Maynor Figueroa $115,000 $138,333
Jesse Gonzalez $67,500 $76,875
Carlos Gruezo $450,000 $686,500
Aaron Guillen $51,500 $51,500
Atiba Harris $143,000 $143,000
Matt Hedges $152,000 $152,000
Ryan Herman $62,508 $62,508
Moises Hernandez $100,000 $105,000
Ryan Hollingshead $122,500 $122,500
Agustin Jara $62,508 $62,508
Carlos Lizarazo $62,508 $130,633
Zach Loyd $200,000 $221,666
Juan Esteban Ortiz $160,000 $204,500
Timo Pitter $51,504 $51,504
Mauro Rosales $62,500 $62,500
Chris Seitz $136,000 $136,000
Victor Ulloa $130,000 $132,500
Maximiliano Urruti $250,000 $250,000
Alejandro Zendejas $70,000 $88,466
Walker Zimmerman $174,000 $174,000

Total numbers:

$3,746,282.00 - That is FCD's base salary total here. It should be noted that several players do not count towards that as they are developmental salaries. Also maximum a DP costs against the cap is $457,500. Gruezo is actually a Young DP, so his hit is only $200k.

Developmental salaries include: Bonner, Craft, Gullien, Herman, Jara, Putter, and Zendejas.

Some quick notes:

  • Rosales came in dirt cheap. But in all honesty the Urruti for Blas Perez swap was pretty even since Perez is making around $215k with Vancouver this season.
  • Castillo is possibly, if not, the cheapest Designated Player in MLS.
  • Gruezo is a little lower than I expected in salary, considering FC Dallas actually paid a fee to get him.
  • All good raises for guys like Zimmerman, Ulloa, Hollingshead, Akindele.
  • The Hedges-Loyd combo may also be a pretty cheap one compared to others in MLS.
  • Acosta is making some serious money now. On par with some other veteran players.
    What do you all make of this year's salaries? Think anyone is being overpaid? Or is there a FCD player that is underpaid in your mind?