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Workhorse of the Week vs. Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders

To let in 8 goals in three straight losses to suddenly winning two tough games at home, FC Dallas must love roller coasters. Come inside and vote for the player that exemplified a huge 6 week turnaround for the Hoops.

Sean Porkorny-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Ryan Hollingshead for a landslide victory in last week's Workhorse of the Week for his performance in defense and in goal against Toronto FC. I definitely wouldn't say it was a great game from Ryan, but anytime you get called upon to fill in as a keeper is kind of a crazy thing. And Ryan did fine. Certainly, a 1-0 loss was a little easier to take than some of the previous ambushes.

On to a huge, massive week...

6 beautiful points

We were feeling pretty down and drab about this team. You could tell they were feeling the pressure, but then they got some good home cooking - Texas toast, biscuits and gravy, enchiladas, and barbecue. Suddenly, they felt pretty darn good, and they came out and showed it with two massive wins over Western conference rivals. The Portland Timbers couldn't really cope and continued their struggles. The Seattle Sounders continue to look like a work in progress, as they had very few answers to FC Dallas' energy and confidence.

So, yeah, a big 6 point week?


It's hard to believe it was the same team out there, struggling away from home. Certainly, FC Dallas has work to do to figure out how to fight and scrounge for points consistently away from their fortress. Maybe it will come - maybe they will continue to wilt under pressure. We'll see. For now, we can all breathe a big sigh of relief until next weekend.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the players who exemplified FC Dallas' hard working spirit in cruising to two huge wins at home.

Oh, and don't forget to vote.

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Mauro Diaz

Mauro has been the one relentless positive force for FC Dallas these past few weeks. And this week, no difference. The "magical unicorn" is getting back into his groove with passes that are picking apart defenses. If not for some bad finishing from his compatriots, he would have a ton more assists. Vote for him.

Zach Loyd

Zach is my favorite FC Dallas player. Here's why:

  • He's from Oklahoma.
  • He's a fantastic defender.
  • He wins challenges.
  • He's relentless.
  • He has great hair.

Vote. For. Him.