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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: Match Predictions

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So apparently six of us got prediction spot on for the Portland match. Maybe we know something after all! (ha, ha, ha, ha.)

Our top 5 headnig into the weekend:

Phil 15
Taylor 14
Mohammad 14
Cody 12
Jared 12

Scoring breakdown for the season will be implemented using the following:

1 for predicting the correct result

3 points bonus for predicting the exact score

3 point bonus (optional) for nailing the correct scorers for FC Dallas only.

Maximum available weekly points are 7 points.

Here are our predictions. What do you think happens tonight?

Name Result FCD TOR Comments
Andy Jaeger

Andy is somewhere in Europe, doing Europey things (we hope).
Ben Lyon Win 3 1 Barrios Brace and Urruti. Diaz does one of those crazy one-time passes again and Barrios is onside for the 3rd.
Cody Gamond Win 3 1 Barrios brace and a goal from Urruti. Morris scores one for the Sounders.
Drew Epperley Draw 1 1 The short rest comes back to haunt FCD late but the offense does get back on track with a goal from Tesho.
Jared Tilley

Jason Poon Loss 2 3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 3 1 Now that the monkey is off their back, FC Dallas gets back to winning ways. Castillo finally scores, Tesho bags a goal, and Gruezo fires home the insurance goal to send the Sounders home uhappy. Revenge week is a success.
Nathan Hill Win 4 0 FC Dallas crushes Seattle behind goals from Tesho, Diaz, Castillo, and Hollingshead. The match descends into chaos briefly in the second half when a clown wanders onto the field, ties Jordan Morris’ shoelaces together, and launches a frenzy of cream pie attacks. Everyone has a good laugh and learns a heart-warming lesson from the spectacle.
Phil Luetchford Win 2 1 The team begins a new streak. One where they scores goals and win. Tesho and Maxi each get a tally as FCD attackers return to the boxscore for the first time in nearly a month.
Ryan Scalon Draw 2 2 Tough draw as 2 goals from Urruti see FCD on top for most of the game. Unfortunately, team switches off, Sounders smell blood, and Morris and Dempsey gets FCD to cough up the lead. It will be a sad day :(
Scott Hiney

Per the agreement of our loan policy with FC Dallas' front office, Scott Hiney will forfeit his predictions until the loan comes to an end.
Taylor Hester Win 2 1 Mauro and Barrios score. Dempsey probably scores another free kick because that's what he does against Dallas.