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Know thy Enemy: Interview with Sounder at Heart

Find out more about tomorrow's FC Dallas opponent with someone who knows the Seattle Sounders well.

MLS: Playoffs-Seattle Sounders at FC Dallas Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This week we've been fortunate enough to work with two SBNation blogs for our interview series before the next FC Dallas game. As FCD is getting set to host the Seattle Sounders tomorrow evening, we sat down with Dave Clark from Sounder at Heart to hear what he had to say about his beloved team.

BDS: After the slow start to the season the Sounders are starting to round into decent form here, what has been the biggest change over the last few weeks that has lead to some good results?

SaH: While all the excitement is from Morris, we'll get to that, the work and improvements are related to the injection of Erik Friberg into the starting lineup. Friberg is a fairly classic number eight. He reads matches well in attack or defense, can maintain the tempo or push it, and has a good long ball that changes the point of the attack. Erik isn't the solution to the lack of creativity on the squad, but he certainly reduces the impact of not having a pure #10.

BDS: Two words that seemed to be all over the internet this year have been Jordan Morris. What has he done to live up to the hype so far outside of his current scoring streak?

SaH: We shouldn't just gloss over the scoring streak. Tying an MLS rookie record four straight matches with a goal is impressive. He's also already tied the Sounders rookie record for goals in a season. Those are just raw numbers though. How Morris is doing it bears a look. More often he's the center forward. Seattle isn't using him as a the target man too often, but his hold-up play is decent. What's been best is getting the proper timing as to when to feed him on the run. He's combination of speed, strength and a punishing right foot is hard for more CBs and keepers to deal with, when timing is right. He can make those runs when he's playing as a right wing or from the middle. Clint Dempsey is getting better at seeking those out.

BDS: FC Dallas relies on their speedy wingers on the counter attack a lot, what will Seattle need to do to contain that speed this Saturday?

SaH: On Seattle's right Tyrone Mears will probably sit back a bit more than usual. He typically gets forward, but his crossing isn't great and Seattle can offer more of an attacking threat from the left. With Joevin Jones forward a bunch it lets Chad Marshall shade to the left preventing penetration into the area. It also can force Castillo to track back, at least that is the hope. Generally the Sounders are going to be OK with allowing a team to get deep penetration on the flanks, because it's so unlikely for crosses to be effective against Brad Evans and Marshall. Cut back passes have to beat Osvaldo Alonso and Evans. It's a sound theory, and sometimes it work.

Projected lineup: 4-2-1-3 with Stefan Frei; Joevin Jones, Chad Marshall, Brad Evans, Tyrone Mears; Osvaldo Alonso, Erik Friberg; Clint Dempsey; Andreas Ivanschitz, Jordan Morris, Herculez Gomez