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FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers: Match Predictions

The fellas predict a little home cooking will get things back on track for the good guys.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

If predicting FC Dallas results is an art... then we're all pretty awful artists. =)

Our top 5 still remains intact.... for now.

Taylor 14
Phil 11
Mohammad 10
Nathan 10
Cody 8
Jared 8

Scoring breakdown for the season will be implemented using the following:

1 for predicting the correct result

3 points bonus for predicting the exact score

3 point bonus (optional) for nailing the correct scorers for FC Dallas only.

Maximum available weekly points are 7 points.

Here are our predictions. What do you think happens tonight?

Name Result FCD TOR Comments
Andy Jaeger

Andy is somewhere in Europe, doing Europey things (we hope).
Ben Lyon Win 3 1 Frustration released- Barrios, Urruti, Castillo. Onward and upward.
Cody Gamond Win 2 1 FC Dallas scrapes together a win finally off the back of Urruti's magic work rate against the Timbers, scoring 1 and assisting Ulloa for a second. Adi scores a consolation for Portland. Porter shakes his head in anger within the first 45 minutes, Papi offers a tissue.
Drew Epperley Win 2 1 The boys get back on track as they come home. Castillo and Barrios spread the Timbers out and Diaz finds ways to slice and dice them through the middle. FCD still gives up a crappy goal off a set piece though.
Jared Tilley Win 2 1 Urruti is able to get back on the score sheet as well as Castillo. Portland makes it 2-1 in the second half but aren't able to get the elusive tying goal... Or it rains and it's postponed.
Jason Poon Loss 1 3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 2 1 Back home gets the gang all fired up again. Castillo gets back on the board and Kellyn nets his first of the season in a hard-fought game that gives FCD the kickstart they need to get back on track.
Nathan Hill Win 3 2 FCD earns a tough three points to give them a bit of resurgence, but it’s not without drama andfeistysty Portland response. Sadly, a single injury dampens the FC Dallas locker room when new intern Scott Hiney trips over some weeds and falls on the sharp end of a fan’s vuvuzela. The team announces later that Scott will likely recover in 3-4 weeks.
Phil Luetchford Win 2 1 Portland has scored exactly 1 goal in each of its 5 road games this year. It will probably come from Fanendo Adi, who is tied for the league lead in goals with 7. Dallas enjoys home cooking tonight by putting 2 goals on the scoreboard. Mauro Diaz returns to magic unicorn status as he commemorates his appearance on the match poster with 2 assists, one to Maxi and one to Mikey. How late is Raising Cane's open tonight? 11pm. Perfect.
Ryan Scalon Win 2 1 FCD goes back to winning ways at home. Buoyed by a home crowd of 12,000, Diaz commands the game at will despite Diego Chara's best efforts at containing him. Castillo and Barrios get the goals for Dallas as Borchers scores off a corner.
Scott Hiney

Per the agreement of our loan policy with FC Dallas' front office, Scott Hiney will forfeit his predictions until the loan comes to an end.
Taylor Hester Draw 2 2 FCD plays way better and is almost back on track. Still no win though I don't think. That'll come soon enough.