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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FC Dallas is back at home tomorrow against Portland.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

After nearly a month away, FC Dallas is back home tomorrow night as they take on the Timbers. Time to get ready for that game.

// FC Dallas //

FCD vs TFC: The good and the bad | Big D Soccer

A bit of a last call on some of the Toronto recaps from the weekend. We'll do still have our usual round up material for today planned but do expect some of the focus to quickly shift to Portland.

A week of playoff rematches at Toyota Stadium |

The schedule makers had fun with this week as they put both Portland and Seattle here. It definitely should be an interesting week with those two teams in town.

// MLS //

Philly aims to make statement against LA |

Calling the Galaxy the Patriots of MLS is kind of funny to me but I'll roll with that comment from Jim Curtin.

Columbus needs to make a decision on Kamara or Higuain |

It is a rather tough position to be in as their two stars are on opposite sides here, splitting that locker room in half. Neither will be easy to trade away either if it does come to that. Both are on DP deals that are likely really tough to move, unless the Crew are willing to put up part of the salary in a deal.

Columbus at a crossroads | FourFourTwo

Another look at what is going on in Ohio. Again, it isn't pretty right now.

Colorado pushes to the top of the standings | FourFourTwo

Think about this world that we live in where the Rapids, a team that was rather pathetic a season ago, is second in goals allowed and first in points. No one saw that coming at the start of this season. No one.

Lampard continues to annoy NYC fans |

It doesn't take a lot to get annoyed with Frank Lampard these days. So much money going down the drain and straight into his back account without him even doing a positive thing on the field.

Gerrard eyes return to Liverpool |

The whole sooner rather than later comment makes you really wonder if he will even last the summer in LA. I guess if things had started to go south real quick in the start of the season for LA, maybe.