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Big D Daily: News for Friday, April 8, 2016

San Jose comes to town tomorrow night.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Another FC Dallas home game is on the horizon as they get ready to host San Jose.

// FC Dallas //

Keys to the match |

The digital crew over at FCD gives us three big items to look for tomorrow night.

San Jose training report ahead of Saturday's game |

Need a little insight from the other side? Check out this update from San Jose on what is going on with their team at the moment.

// MLS //

Who is the most underrated player in MLS? |

No FCD guys on this piece but three solid names are thrown out nonetheless. I'm sure a couple of you could throw out a name or two from FCD's roster that could rival them though.

Talking about Luciano Acosta | Black and Red United

DCU has a pretty solid young player on their roster in Acosta but for whatever reason Ben Olsen hasn't given him the time of day just yet this season. Some fans believe it is time to start him.

Diskerud hits back at most overrated charge |

Mix Diskerud didn't enjoy getting labeled as the league's most overrated player, I mean who wouldn't enjoy that label. Still, I do believe things will turn around for him in this league. Though, I kind of imagine him somewhere else doing that.

PRO chief defends ref issues |

The league refs always take a beating from fans, players, coaches and everyone else in between. Heck, I'm sure their moms even boo them at times. Still, there are some that believe they are improving.

Plenty of intrigue in Week 6 |

Need a full preview of what is going on this weekend? Here is a good place to start as there are a few intra-conference game on the slate for the next couple of days.

Tension between USMNT, USWNT and USSF at an all time high |

While the game has grown rapidly over the years here in the country, we're at a weird time where no one quite sees eye to eye about things.