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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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The week rolls on as FC Dallas begins to prep for San Jose.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend seems far away here as we continue on in this week.

// FC Dallas //

Seitz presenting Pareja with a tough challenge | Dallas Morning News

One thing Oscar Pareja and company have done very well at here in the past year is creating positional battles at every roster spot. Right now the biggest one may be in goal as Chris Seitz has shown to be very good in the last two games.

Fast paced offense against stout defense |

The club's digital team is already looking ahead to this weekend as San Jose comes into town. Both teams are good in the attack so it will come down to a midfield and defensive battle.

TWC Sports expands FCD's TV coverage |

I know like three of you actually have Time Warner Cable so you'll be pleased with this news as it covers eight games that weren't already being broadcasted by TXA 21 or some national provider. But the bigger note in this was seeing how this expands in Texas to cover 22 games. So folks in say Waco or Austin can watch. Very smart in that regards.

Six thoughts on the Columbus-Dallas draw | Massive Report

Definitely a lot of good points brought up from the Crew side of thing from Saturday's game.

// MLS //

Stats reveal how important Brek Shea is to Orlando |

Our old pal Brek Shea had a pretty interesting Sunday against Portland. After being lucky not to get sent off on a tackle, he scored possibly the weekend's best goal.

Early season red cards increasing in MLS |

We touched on it yesterday afternoon in our weekly MLS recap but it is something that will eventually calm down.

Rash of red cards is by design, kind of | Fox Soccer

Its the hot topic today. So yeah.

Caps and Galaxy agree that there are too many red cards right now |

But on the other hand, teams aren't too pleased with what is going on.

Shouldn't we all get along in soccer? | ASN

Do MLS owners and Jurgen Klinsmann need to see eye to eye for everything to progress smoothly with the game in this country? Maybe so.