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View from the East Stand: SEITZ!!

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Oh baby Seitz, you got what I need! Keep that ball out of the net, keep that ball out of the net! (Credit to BG)

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A chilly night in Frisco, which might have played into the hands of our northern visitors as they came in really clicking looking for their first win of the season. The stadium was still disappointingly filled, but I've already ranted on the poor attendance and how our VP of Ticket Sales promised a sellout every game. I'll stop there. FC Dallas had yet to lose on home soil, we were there to support them, but Columbus had two weeks to prepare for this match.


What they didn't prepare for though was that there was going to be an absolute beast between the pipes that night! Bad marking on a corner was the only way to get past the big man Saturday night, as Chris Seitz took shots from every angle and distance saving them and keeping us in the game. The song the Beer Garden sings for him has to be one of my favorites, and on this day it was wonderfully deserved.

Can't Wait for Spring

The cold must have kept a good chunk of people at home, because getting into the mid 50s had blankets out and snow caps on. This far into spring and we're still having to dress heavy to the games, can't help attendance that's for sure. Just can't wait to have true spring back, and those warm summer nights.

Maybe the cold froze Papi's subs to the bench as well? Was definitely wanting more subs sooner to go for the win. With Columbus subbing in defensive plays in exchange for offensive players you'd think Papi would've inserted Carlos Lizarazo or Mauro Rosales much sooner. With the final sub coming in the 88th minute, it just seemed like we could've made that change sooner and Lizzy would've had more time to make an impact on the game. But I trust Papi.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "Oh baby Seitz! You got what I neeeeeed! Keep that ball out of the net, keep that ball out of the net!" - It never gets old.

Anyone else bundled up during the game with the chilly weather? Any of you serenade Seitz with your beautiful vocal chords? Did Papi take too long on his subs this game? Let me know in the comments below!