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FC Dallas vs. New York Red Bulls - Match Predictions

Back to back and coast to coast might not bode well for FC Dallas tonight.

Tesho scores tonight. Take that to the bank.
Tesho scores tonight. Take that to the bank.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the beautiful game of predictions. Sometimes, it goes wonderfully and everybody gets points (see last week) and sometimes only the pessimist of the group gets rewarded with a point. For what it's worth, that was the last time Jason got his pity points for taking one for the team. He took it too far and Dallas stumbled to a 3-0 defeat. Having said that, he did predict a loss and is the only person to gain a point in the rankings. Here are the updated points-getters.

Taylor 12
Phil 9
Mohammad 9
Nathan 8
Cody 8

As you can see, the top five have not changed at all because, well, we all predicted draws or wins last week. Awkward. We learned our lesson and not many people picked FC Dallas to win this one on the road (so they will probably win).

Scoring breakdown for the season will be implemented using the following:

1 for predicting the correct result

3 points bonus for predicting the exact score

3 point bonus (optional) for nailing the correct scorers for FC Dallas only.

Maximum available weekly points are 7 points.

Here are our predictions. What do you think happens tonight?

Name Result FCD NYRB Comments
Andy Jaeger Win 3 0 Mauro Diaz opens up everything. Urruti, Castillo and Barrios all score before halftime.
Ben Lyon Win 3 1 New York's raggedy D succumbs to the Mauro-led onslaught. A trio of dimes from MD to Castillo, Urruti, and Barrios.
Cody Gamond Win 1 0 Dallas grinds out a win on the road thanks to a goal from Fabian Castillo, and some questionable refereeing resulting in a red for NYRB.
Drew Epperley Loss 0 1 these two play really close games against one another. NY gets a goal from BWP to continues FCD's woes.
Jared Tilley Wiin 2 1 Dallas comes out early and presses high.  With the press, they are able to turnover the ball and hit NY with a counter attacking goal.  1-0 (Barrios).  Dallas goes up 2-0 (Urruti) in the second half with a through ball from Diaz.  The Red Bulls turn up the heat in the 70th minute and end up getting a goal back from, of course, a set piece.  FCD is able to survive for the 2-1 final.
Jason Poon Loss 0 2 Road woes continue as Dallas continues to struggle away from Frisco.
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 2 2 FC Dallas comes out swinging after their bitter defeat in the Pacific Northwest last week but gets scored on first again. Castillo equalizes for the Hoops on a wonderful through ball and makes up for last week's misses. New York hits back and takes the lead before Tesho completes the scoring before the 75th minute. Both teams try to grab a winner but settle for the rsult as-is.
Nathan Hill Loss 0 2 FC Dallas continues its road woes, though Mauro goes the full 90 and the team shows some spirit. Ultimately, a clumsy tackle by Zimmerman leads to a penalty which BWP slots away, and Dax McCarty follows with a dagger of his own from long range. After the game, Zach Loyd goes missing, only to be discovered bound and tied in a janitor’s closet as New York were trying to "convince" him to "join" the "team". Zach later sells the rights of his story to a film production company which turn it into a romantic comedy called "Loyd’s Lost in Love on Long Island".
Phil Luetchford Loss 1 3 Jesse Marsch has reignited the Red Bulls offense while FC Dallas is trending down. BWP gets two more and Grella bags one. The Argentinian re-connection of Diaz to Urruti at least gives FC Dallas fans something to half-smile about.
Ryan Scalon Loss 2 3 Tough game as BWP comes alive with a hat trick. Barrios and Gruezo get the goals for FC Dallas.
Scott Hiney Draw 1 1 FC Dallas will play as well as they did in Vancouver offensively, but New York is playing well right now and that’s enough to force FC Dallas into a draw. Diaz scores in his first time starting since injury.
Taylor Hester Loss 1 2 Sadly, FCD doesn't rebound this week against a NY team who started to find their groove last week against Orlando in a comeback win. Fabi gets a goal though.