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Big D Daily: News for Friday, April 29, 2016

It is game day!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is in the Big Apple, getting ready to take on the New York Red Bulls tonight.

// FC Dallas //

FCD looks for answers on the road | Dallas Morning News

We know the start of the three-game road trip didn't go well but tonight hopefully will be able getting back on track with at least some points.

By the numbers: #NYvFCD |

Plenty of good points to take on for tonight's game.

Red Bulls ready for red hot Dallas | Once a Metro

From the other side of things tonight are the Red Bulls. They seem eager to get this game going after their win last weekend. They're still a desperate team though in my book, which is dangerous for FCD to deal with coming off a bad loss.

// MLS //

Defensive additions key for Toronto |

A seven-game road trip will end this weekend for Toronto FC. Somehow they've come out of this stretch looking like a true contender and the big reason isn't just the play of Sebastian Giovinco, but their veteran-led defense.

How Real Salt Lake got their name |

I've heard this history lesson before but for some of you it may be new. Either way, this is how RSL became RSL.

Could the Red Bulls be landing Collin? | Once a Metro

This would be quite the move for both sides as I don't get why Orlando would trade one of their top center backs like this to a conference rival. New York on the other hand needs help in the back so this instantly would upgrade what they currently have.

Detroit group eager to paint their vision on downtown stadium |

Even more comments out of Detroit after this week's expansion news with the Motor City. Out of nowhere, Detroit has pretty much leaped into the poll position with Sacramento. When you think about it though, having one western team and one eastern team join at the same time does make a lot of sense.

PSG drops out of Miami group |

I missed this one yesterday but its still worthy of a share this morning. David Beckham's group lost out on getting PSG's owners to be apart of their Miami bid. Now you have to wonder who is next in line to step up.

Which cities should MLS expand to next? |

You got plenty of good choices here in the bunch with Sacramento, San Diego, San Antonio, St. Louis and Detroit. My gut tells me this doesn't end at 28 teams.