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FC Dallas vs New York Red Bulls: Squad Selection

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To Mauro or not to Mauro? That is the question.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas continues on with their three-game road trip, after suffering a disappointing loss to Blas Perez and the Vancouver Whitecaps. If there was a solitary positive to take away from the game was that Mauro Diaz is back and looks very much ready to be included in the starting line-up again. The challenge though, is now that he's available for selection, who do you take out of the lineup?

If I were in charge? I'd insert Mauro immediately but sit Fabian Castillo for this one letting Michael Barrios and Tesho Akindele man the wings. This has nothing to do with Castillo, his form or even a match up. It's just time for a little squad rotation and managing of minutes. Castillo can come on at the 50-minute mark and wreck havoc.

The official league injury report is sparse, with only two players listed:

OUT: M Alex Zendejas (osteitis pubis)

OUT: D Matt Hedges (torn meniscus 4/13, out 4-6 weeks)

Of course, the two injuries are not equal, with Zendejas, at best, a squad player this year, whereas Hedges is the captain and the heart of the club. How Dallas will continue to cope without their captain for the longest road swing of the campaign will be a true test for this club. It's now crucial that Dallas picks up at least a point over the next two matches if they want to continue setting the pace for the Supporter's Shield.

So what will all y'all do if you were Oscar Pareja? Will you put Mauro Diaz back in the lineup? If so, who do you take out? Does Ryan Hollingshead make it back into the starting lineup? Select your squad below and don't forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

You can see the results here.