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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Friday is almost here with another FCD game!

Game day is getting closer and closer as FC Dallas continues to prep for New York.

// FC Dallas //

More on the attendance and HoF | Big D Soccer

Another call for this piece that ran yesterday on this site. We got to talk to a couple front office folks at the team to get their take on things like attendance, sellouts and more.

Return of Diaz offers some hope for FCD | Dallas Morning News

Injuries are already playing a big part of this season but now Mauro Diaz is back and hopefully 100% to go this week against the Red Bulls.

// MLS //

NBA owners lineup to get Detroit a MLS team |

This was the big news that broke yesterday afternoon. While some folks will hate the idea of a team in the Motor City, I kind of love it. I know firsthand how good of a sports market Detroit is and their NPSL team is already well supported.

Pistons and Cavs owners want MLS team |

A little more on this story. Don Garber will also be in Detroit this week to go over the expansion plans and figure out what the next steps are for a team like this. Again, like I always say with expansion, money talks.

Just how good is the Galaxy defense right now? | LAG Confidential

I'll say this after watching a couple of their last games. They're good but they're not great. I'd actually say they're on par with FCD right now.

Orlando must focus on their play despite calls | The Mane Land

Orlando City has had a decent start to this season but most would argue that it would be even better had a few calls gone their way in a couple of games.

Schmid urges worn Sounders not to panic |

Then you have Seattle, a team that should be good but isn't right now. I do wonder if this is just going to finally be the season that the Sounders fail to really get going and fail to make the playoffs.

Inside MLS's digital expansion | Howler

It is rather crazy to think that MLS owns a rather large amount of web domains with FC in them. But this kind of thing happens a lot in big leagues now day and with large corporations. Heck, the last company I worked for would squat on potential client domains regularly.