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View from the East Stand: Cringey Watch

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Perfect day outside in north Texas, absolutely gorgeous day. Instead of soaking in that sun, we had to sit down and watch misery.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was being broadcasted on Time Warner Cable (TSN if you had MLS Live) Saturday night, with a mercifully unbiased commentating crew compared to past games. Vancouver Whitecaps were the gracious hosts, and with 4 of their 6 goals this current season coming from the 10 yard spot there was genuine hope of grabbing something out of this road game. Instead what transpired was the reason behind the last 4 out of 6 Jameson ginger ales downed that Saturday night. Yeah, the game was a little rough to watch.

Close Chances

There were a multitude of chances in the game for FC Dallas to go up by one, or to tie it up at the very least. Maxiliano Urruti's shot, Fabian Castillo's chip, and the incredibly saved Michael Barrios shot. David Ousted seems to always be super unlucky when visiting Dallas, but he certainly got his revenge on any past blushes FCD may have caused him. That stop on Barrios is something goalies dream of making, that reflex save from point blank.

We weren't 3-0 bad in my opinion though. We had the chances, and it was an unlucky own goal, coupled with a mental lapse from Loyd that put us in an insurmountable 2-0 hole. Then Blas, bless his heart, released Kekuta Manneh to put us away. It was a little weird seeing Blas Perez in a different shirt, even weirder seeing how badly he wanted to beat us. I thought we had something special Blas...

Time Warner Cable

Unfortunately for most FC Dallas fans, they were unable to watch due to the match being exclusively shown on MLS Live or Time Warner Cable. The commentating team on TWC was a pleasant change of pace from the past away matches in Portland and DC United. Didn't have to turn on 100.7 in order to drown it out. Heard that it was TSN broadcasting on MLS Live, but did not get to hear them commentate.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "After letting Houston dump 5 on us I'm now immune." - after Vancouver's 3rd goal.

Did you get to watch the match at all? If you did, did you happen to catch the Time Warner Cable broadcast or the TSN broadcast? Are you also immune to these massive away losses after seeing what happened in south Texas? Let me know in the comments below!