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Big D Soccer and The 19th Minute Join Forces!

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Finally, a podcast will become a regular feature on BDS.

The possibilities have been discussed for awhile but finally, after recent negotiations, Big D Soccer and The 19th Minute (the fans' FC Dallas podcast) have officially joined forces together!

It was recently discussed between the staff members whether or not a new podcast should be started on BDS, but given the scheduling conflicts and lack of time for most to keep one going on a regular basis, it was an idea that was put down and not for the first time either.

However, it was also suggested that a proposal should be made and sent to the 19th Minute, which is the main fan podcast in relation to FC Dallas out there, in regards to trying to form a partnership between the two parties.

And it didn't take much negotiating before they agreed to everything mentioned in the proposal and a new link was born. As a result of this new partnership, this is what it means for both parties:

-BDS will host The 19th Minute podcast from this point onwards on the blog. You can find every episode in this newly created section when they are posted. The 19th Minute podcast episodes will still be posted on their main site despite this.

-BDS staff members are free to participate whenever possible in future episodes as long as they inform the owners of the podcast and book an appearance on one in advance.

-BDS will also support The 19th Minute podcast and help to promote it which will allow the biggest FCD-related fan podcast become even bigger.

It is a new link that could work out well for everyone. The 19th Minute will get the push that it's been looking for some time for while Big D Soccer will finally have a podcast available on the blog. Here's hoping that it's a partnership that will live long and healthy with many successes ahead for both parties!