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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Round 7

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In Round 6: Ben scored 116 (highest score in Big D Soccer league this week) for 533 total (THIRD overall!). Phil scored 105 for 509 total.

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Fantasy Fisticuffs pits angry combatants head-to-head in an MLS Fantasy soccer showdown. Each week, Phil and Ben argue over which players will perform. The stakes are high. The competitor whose team scores the fewer amount of points through Round 27 (September 3rd) will have to endure two laps of shaming around the Toyota Stadium concourse, Cersei Lannister style (though probably not nude)! Join our league using the code 35-1619 to follow along.

Congrats to Ryan Clark who is leading the Big D league with 537 points (even though he allegedly didn't touch his lineup) and is in FIRST PLACE overall!

Round 6 Review

Phil: I captained Diego Valeri (M-$10.3). Poor me. He received a red card in stoppage time of the San Jose game for his petulance, which is an immediate -3 points and $0.2 drop. Still, Chris Wondolowski (F-$10.9), Fabian Castillo (M-$10.8), and Michael Barrios (M-$8.1) scored double digits. Definitely grab Mikey if you don't have him already.


Ben: I captained Wondo. That's almost the only reason I outscored Phil. I used my wildcard last week. I'm probably screwed.

Round 7: Fight!

Who will replace Diego Valeri (M-$10.3) in your roster?

Phil: Ignacio Piatti (M-$10.6). I had him targeted to bring in this week anyway. Valeri is on a bye, and his red card will reduce his Round 8 DGW to a single game. Nacho is the highest scoring midfielder in the game with a R8 DGW. With Drogba back in the lineup, Piatti should actually benefit as the Montreal offense will be even more explosive.


Ben: I'm keeping Valeri. I'm not chasing the DGW dragon. His suspension will be served during a road game, and Portland have another DGW in Round 10.

Are you buying Didier Drogba (F-$11.5) if he starts this week?

Ben: I've had this date circled on the calendar before First Kick. If you can roster a guy who averages a goal a game and stops civil wars, well duh.


Phil: I'm not yet sold. With the 3 highest scorers in the game who aren't injured already in my lineup (Sebastian Giovinco (F-$12.0), Chris Wondolowski (F-$10.9), and Maximiliano Urruti ($8.8)), I feel like there are other needs on my team to address. I could transfer out Gio, but I want him back for his first home game in Round 9. I could transfer out Wondo, but he's scored a goal in 6 of his 7 games and plays at home this round. I could transfer out Maxi, but he's much less expensive than Drogs. I have other areas of my team that need to be addressed first.

I will say that with many prime midfielders being injured or ineffective, now is a good time to switch out that fifth midfield for a third forward. Drogba would be a good swap for Valeri or Sacha Kljestan (M-$11.1).

Will you bring in Mauro Diaz (M-$10.6) now that he's traveling to Vancouver?

Phil: No, it's a turf game in Vancouver. The wise thing for Oscar Pareja would be to rest him. If he has to play, I think he only goes 30 minutes. I would like to see him in action before I bring him back in. Plus, FC Dallas has 3 consecutive road games. I'm targeting him in Round 10 when he will have 2 home games.


Ben: I wish I could quit you (Diaz). He might be my latter switcheroo this week.

Would you buy Walker Zimmerman (D-$6.0) or Zach Loyd (D-$7.6) since Hedges is out?

Ben: It's a salary cap game, and Zim fits the bill. He's good bang for the buck if your 2nd transfer needs to be budget to bring in an Elephant. I'll probably wait until Round 10 though. Portland, Vancouver, Spork, NYCFC, Montreal, and New England all have DGWs next round so I'd add there first.


Phil: Neither because of the 3 consecutive road games. Zim and Loyd will be getting 2-4 points every week when there are DGW players in the same price range. Instead of Zach Loyd at $7.6, try Nuno Andre Coelho (D-$7.9), Chris Tierney (D-$8.1), or Victor Cabrera (D-$7.3). Cabrera left the last game injured, but we will be able to see Montreal's lineup before rosters lock. Instead of Walker Zimmerman at $6.0, go for Amadou Dia (D-$6.0) or Tim Parker (D-$6.5). Daniel Steres (D-$5.2) is a value buy if he continues to start, although the LA Galaxy don't have an upcoming DGW.

Is Jermaine Jones (M-$8.2) worth a buy?

Phil: Maybe while Marco Pappa (M-$8.2) is out, but not long-term. In the Snowclasico 2.0 against NYRB, Jones thrived in a #10 role. With Pappa absent, it appears he will be deployed further up the field than usual. Even with the rule changes this year, we are not seeing many defensive midfielders high on the scoring chart, except Ozzie Alonso (M-$8.8) who scored a rare goal. For a similar price, I'd rather have Michael Barrios (M-$8.1), Diego Fagundez (M-$8.1), or Kevin Molino (M-$8.1).


Ben: Crapids have a DGW in Round 10, so there's that. I want to see a game with Dillon Powers (M-$7.6) in the same midfield first, but I can see it.

Final Thoughts

Ben: There isn't enough purple drank in the known universe to fill the purple void in my life now that Prince has left the land of the living. Instead of giving you a link to his first televised performance, his awesome Radiohead cover, or his standard-setting Super Bowl halftime performance where the titular ‘Purple Rain' summoned the opening of the sky in South Florida, I'll simply state this is a good week to go Purple (Orlando City), Claret (RSL), or even Burgundy (Crapids). If you use that as your tiebreaker, nothing could possibly go wrong.


Phil: When you say "Super Bowl halftime performance" combined with "titular," I think Katy Perry. My only Prince experience is getting the nickname "Purple Rain" in hockey because I had a hand-me-down purple helmet. I'm still upset over the loss of Alan Rickman, which apparently canceled plans for "Galaxy Quest 2." When it comes to MLS Fantasy, "Never give up. Never surrender!"