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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Can the weekend get here soon enough?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We're approaching the weekend here as FC Dallas is getting ready to head out to Vancouver for the start of a three-game road trip.

// FC Dallas //

History on the line as FCD heads to Vancouver and NY |

Some big records could fall for FCD as they look to not only extend their road winning streak to three for the first time in ages but also continue on the best starts in club history. I think if you get a win and two draws out of the next three, it would be a success.

FCD academy sweeps Solar |

On the academy side of things, the club continues to do well this spring with more wins.

// MLS //

How the Revs gain the advantage with numbers |

MLS has been doing a lot of posts lately about analytics and numbers in the league. This one looks at the Revs and their approach to using stats and numbers to improve their game on and off the field.

Are the Rapids a playoff team? |

Don't look now but one of our preseason picks to be one of the bottom feeders in MLS is pretty darn close to FCD in the standings near the top.

More nitpicking as Olsen gets suspended | Black and Red United

MLS continued their weird and wild ways of doing things this week by issuing Ben Olsen a suspension. Alright then.

MLS CBA is holding teams back from success in the CCL | Brotherly Game

I'm not sure if I agree 100% that the CBA is the main issue with success in the CCL. I still believe that comes down to the schedule and timing of the tournament for MLS.

A quick fix for MLS's ref issues |

It has been a rough few weeks for the league's officials on the field and off. They definitely need some assistance in the form of technology.

Moor's experience is what Toronto's backline needed |

I've always kept a little extra tab on Drew Moor since he left Dallas a few years back and now that he is in Toronto I feel like rooting even harder for him to succeed when he isn't playing Dallas.

Current landscape for the expansion hopefuls in MLS |

Sacramento, St. Louis, San Antonio and Detroit. There are your next four. I'm calling it right now. But also don't be shocked if say Charlotte, Cincinnati, San Diego and Phoenix eventually come into the league as well before it is all said and done. Yes, that would be 32. A couple hundred million talks people, and MLS owners aren't going to shy away from that kind of money.